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Thursday, February 8, 2007

February 8, 2007


Main Entree: Chilli & French Fries
A la Carte will be sold at Mrs. Mary's register.

If anyone has found a black and red South Pole jacket, please see Mrs. Gordy at lunch.

Senator Barack Obama will visit Springfield on Saturday, February 10th at the Old State Capitol to announce his intent to run for president. This is a very historic event for Springfield. You should try to attend!

Saturday, March 10th from 8 AM - Noon, there will be a hands-on math/science/technology conference at UIS for girls only. See your math teacher for more information. Pick up a brochure and take it home!

The answer to Wednesday's Black History question is....
Fredrick M. Jones
Fredrick M. Jones changed the shipping and grocery businesses when he invented the Refrigerated Food Truck. One hot summer night in 1927, Jones met a very upset truck driver who had just delivered a shipment of dead chickens. The trip took so long that the chickens spoiled due to the storage compartment overheating. He was inspired to create a refrigeration device for trucks and on December 14 of 1943 was given a patent for the device. His idea later developed into a company by the name of Thermo King, a business that is still very popular today. In his lifetime, Jones had 60 inventions receive patents. In 1977, he was inducted into the Minnesota Inventors Hall of Fame.

And now for the Thursday, February 8th question:

What was the nickname of the African-American Army soldiers who helped make the western part of the U.S. safe for settlers?
A. Buffalo Soldiers
B. Tuskegee Soldiers
C. Turner's Riders

If you choose to come to school out of dress code, you will be issued an after school detention from 2:30-4 PM. For each hour of class that you miss because of being out of dress code, you will be issued an additional after school detention. You could possibly end up with 7 after school detentions!

Teachers — if there is a student in violation of the dress code, please fill out a minor referral and call for an escort to room 110.

Remember our school expectations:
Respect Yourself • Respect Others • Respect Property