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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

November 15, 2006

Morning Announcements:

Teachers ~ Please check to make sure all students are dressed appropriately.

Cafeteria News
Main Entree: Ravioli; French Fries

A la Carte [6th & 7th Grade lunch shifts only!]: Cheese Sauce 25¢ & Pickles 75¢

This Thursday, November 16th, we will have Thanksgiving dinner!

Reminder: No flavored water, sport drink, or juice drinks will be allowed into the building after lunch!

Picture Retake Day
Picture retake day is Thursday,November 16th. Forms are available in the Guidance Office if you want your picture retaken. You must pay for the picture packet that day when your pictures are taken.

Band/Music News
6th Grade Band: 3rd hour - Tashiona Thomas adn Cieara Mcgrone

J-Jazz will meet after school today.

Explore Test
8th graders ~ you will be taking the ACT Explore test this week. Please bring a pencil to class and do your best! Remember that your high school placement depends on how well you do on this test.

6th & 7th graders ~ please be quiet in the hallways because of the testing going on!

PRIDE Winners
Congratulations to the following students. Your PRIDE cards have been drawn for a prize.
Eric Kendrick
Kenny Williams
Robbie Sorenson
Devon Fluelon
Natalie Reeves
Miranda Branson
Jarrell Faulkner
Lashontay LLoyd

A special thank you to Quinisha Commer and Brianna Ray for helping Mrs. Rennison with the trophy case.

Also, congratulations to the 372 students who were referral free for first quarter! There will be a celebration next week.

Skating Party
Our first skating party will be held on Tuesday, November 21st, from 6 - 8 PM at Skateland South. It will cost $3 for admission and $2 for skates. You may not come to the skating party if you have had 2 office referrals since the Monday after our last dance.

SSRW Drawing
Friday, December 1st, Mrs. Boosinger will be announcing the winners of the SSRW book contest. You will have the opportunity to earn chance tickets for this drawing by following your team's rules and directions for SSRW. Ask your teacher for more information on this contest!

Team Quest
Congratulations to Austin Crouch, Dalton Cave, Kenesha Fair, and Brandon Brunner for their participation in the Team Quest tournament. Team Quest is a combination of knowledge and engineering skills. The team barely missed the cut to go to the finals. Good job!

Dress Code
If you choose to come to school out of dress code, you will be issued an after school detention from 2:30-4 PM. For each hour of class that you miss because of being out of dress code, you will be issued an additional after school detention. You could possibly end up with 7 after school detentions!

Teachers — if there is a student in violation of the dress code, please fill out a minor referral and call for an escort to room 110.

Remember our school expectations:
Respect Yourself
Respect Others
Respect Property