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Friday, August 25, 2006

August 25, 2006

Morning Announcements:
• Welcome Back to School!
We are all looking forward to a great school year! School will be dismissed at 1:30 PM every day this week.

• Open House
Tuesday night was our Open House! It was wonderful to see so many families in attendance. Be sure to look for the Open House pictures on our home page.

• Dress Code
The enhanced dress code is a huge success! All of our students look so nice in their clothes. Mr. Zimmers has decided to allow white collared polo shirts in addition to the current yellow, navy blue and gray polo shirts. Remember — no neckties are to be worn. Also, if you wear a t-shirt under your polo shirt, the t-shirt must be tucked in. The t-shirt should not be showing. Keep up the good work!

• Bus Information
Students — Please check and know the two street names at the corner of your bus stop. Teachers will be asking you for this information today during first hour.

• Info Packets
Several forms that need to be signed and returned were sent home with your student on Tuesday, the first day of school. Please read, sign and return these forms as quickly as possible.

• Fundraiser
The JMS Fall Fundraiser will be different this year. We will be taking orders from the "Simple Pleasures" and "Jenny's Favorites" brochures. Items offered will range from cheese and sausage to cookie dough!

The sale starts immediately and ends September 5, 2006. Late orders will not be accepted.

Payment must accompany your orders!

Delivery will be approximately 2 to 3 weeks after the sale ends.

• Planners
Attention students: all students must purchase a planner. This is required! The planners cost $5 and can be purchased from your teacher.

• Band News
Any 6th graders interested in participating in band this year who didn't see Mrs. Charneski yesterday, please come to room 122, by the gym, 3rd hour after checking in with your 3rd hour teacher.

• Cell Phones
Please remember that all cell phones must be in your lockers. You may not have them out during the school day. If you are seen with your cell phone, it will be taken away from you. A parent will have to come to school to retrieve your phone from the main office.

• Bottled Drinks
Students — you must finish drinking your bottled drinks before you come in after lunch! No bottles will be allowed in the building after lunch recess. If you have not finished drinking it, you will be asked to throw it away before entering the building.

• Discipline Talks
Starting Monday, Mr. Holcomb and Mrs. Borders will begin the Discipline Handbook talks with groups of students. Monday's talks will be held in the gym. Mr. Lamble's class is to come during 1st hour. Mrs. Stearns' class is to come during 2nd hour.

• Student Support Program
Mrs. Rennison is Jefferson's Student Support Leader. If you have a problem and would like to talk to her, tell your teacher. You may also see her in the halls before school, at lunch or after school.

Remember our school expectations:
Respect Yourself
Respect Others
Respect Property

If you receive a PRIDE card from one of your teachers, put it in your grade's jar in the lunch line in the cafeteria. Once a week PRIDE cards will be drawn for prizes. Once a month PRIDE cards will be drawn for "Out of the Blue" days.

Mrs. Rennison will also be visiting classrooms and handing out birthday pencils to those celebrating birthdays that day!

Planner number winners for today:
#12, #17, #106, #320
See Mrs. Rennison in the main office for your prize if your planner has one of those numbers on the front.

• Cafeteria News
Main Entree: Sloppy Joe's and chicken salad sandwiches