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March 23, 2016

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Remember ~ your day is what you make it. Let's make it a good one!

Raisins, currants, dried apricots, and prunes are high in iron. These dried fruits make a nutritious sweet treat. Your best choice is fruit that has been dried without added sulfur and sugar. Because dried fruits can stick to your teeth, be sure to brush after eating.

A quick way to get iron (plus protein and zinc) at breakfast is to spread your whole grain toast with peanut butter. For a change, you might like to try another nut or seed butter such as almond butter, cashew butter, or sesame tahini, which is made from ground sesame seeds.

No Birthdays Today

Main Entree: French Bread Pizza; Chicken Tenders
Tomorrow's Breakfast: Poptarts

Cafeteria Procedure:
1. Form 2 single file lines.
2. Girls sit on the left side of the cafeteria.
3. Boys sit on the right side of the cafeteria.
4. Fill up each table.
5. Admin will dismiss you by tables when it's time to throw away your trash & go outside.
6. Clean up after yourself & push in your chair.

• If you have a change of address or phone number, please notify Ms. Small in the Guidance Office.

• 6th grade students will line up in the morning outside of the cafeteria doors. 7th & 8th grade students will gather on the blacktop behind the school & enter through the blacktop doors.

• Do not leave your binders or books on the floor outside of your lockers or cafeteria. Anything left on the floor will be moved to the Lost & Found.

• Be extra quiet in the halls during lunch shifts.

• In the morning, get your supplies and go directly to your 1st period. Do not wait for your friends.

• Do not share your locker with anyone. Do not share your locker combination with anyone. Be sure to spin your lock after you close your locker. Do not leave the combination set.

• Jackets & hoodies may NOT be worn in the classroom.

• Food should NOT be brought into the classroom.

• All students are expected to carry their binder to all classes including those classes after lunch.

• NO selfie sticks allowed at school.

No students may come to any of the offices during passing periods. You MUST have a pass from your teacher!

All student cell phones must be turned off and concealed during the school day or they will be taken by an administrator.

Student of the Month
The March Student of the Month breakfast will be held tomorrow morning at 7:30AM in the library.

Brain Boosters
Brain Boosters will meet Tuesdays & Thursdays after school from 2:30-4:15PM.

Art News
Congratulations to the following students for having their artwork selected for the SIU Medicine Art Show:
Caimin J. - portrait drawing
Jayla U. - pentangle landscape
Isabella G. - rotation drawing

Way to go Art students! These student artists will be recognized and receive a certificate on May 6th. Their artwork will hang on display at the SIU Building of Medicine from now until May 6th.

Science Fair
Congratulations to Andrew S. & Lucas B. for placing 1st at the Illinois Junior Science Academy Regional Science Fair on Saturday. They are alternates to the state competition in May. They did a great job presenting their project to the judges.

Library Candy Jar Contest
The winner of the Library Candy Jar Contest is Terrence C. Congratulations on winning a whole bag of Sour Patch Kids and good job on not having any overdue library books.

BINGO Challenge Shout Out!
Congratulations to the following classes for earning a popcorn BINGO party as part of the JMS BINGO Book Challenge.

Mrs. Beebe's 5th/6th & 7th/8th classes
Ms. Wells' 1st/2nd & 7th/8th classes

Each of the sections spelled the word BINGO by reading 50 books. Great job Ms. Wells' & Mrs. Beebe's classes!

PE Clothes
Students are encouraged to put their PE clothes in their gym lockers in the morning! The PE locker rooms will be open everyday.

Lost Keys/Lost Glasses
If anyone has lost keys or glasses, please check with Mrs. Collier in the main office.

Box Tops 4 Education
For the months of April and May, we will be pulling from the raffle to see who wins certificates for Snack Attack items. There will be 8 winners each month. To be entered into the drawing, just bring in 10 unexpired boxtops attached to a “dollar” form & turn it in to your 1st hour teacher. Extra forms can be found in the Jaguar News.

Let’s go JMS, keep turning in those boxtops! Every single boxtop adds up and is a way to help support our school. Keep up the good work!

JMS JAGUARS ~ You are STUDENTS first & ATHLETES second!
Please remember to follow all school rules & to show proper sportsmanship when attending a school sporting event. If you are removed from an event, whether at JMS or another school, you may be banned from attending any future extra-curricular events for the remainder of the school year.

Uniforms MUST be turned in to Mrs. Impson no later than tomorrow. Put your uniform in a bag with your name on a piece of paper. If not turned in, lunch detentions will be assigned.

SSHS Football Meeting
Mr. Lauber, the SSHS football coach, is having a meeting at Southeast High School tonight at 6PM in the auditorium. He will talk about the team and students will get practice schedules.

Track meet today at Memorial Field at 3:30PM. Team bus leaves JMS at 2:40PM. See Coach Blunk if you have any questions.

Track practice every Monday, Tuesday & Thursday unless otherwise notified or if you have a meet. Please direct any questions to Mr. Blunk in room 215.

SSHS Cheer Tryouts
Anyone planning to tryout for the 2016-2017 Southeast Spartan Cheer Squad must attend the information meeting with a parent. At this meeting you will receive the necessary forms and information needed for tryouts. If you have any questions, contact Coach Denysha Hughes at denyshahughes@rocketmail.com

Mandatory Parent Informational Meeting:
Monday, April 4th at 6PM in the Southeast HS Commons or Auditorium

Open gym:
Monday, April 18th from 5-7:30PM

Tuesday, April 19th through Friday, April 22nd from 5-7:30PM in the gym

Saturday, April 23rd at 9AM

SSHS Pom Tryouts
Anyone planning to tryout for the 2016-2017 Southeast Spartan Pom Squad must attend the information meeting with a parent. At this meeting you will receive the necessary forms and information needed for tryouts. If you have any questions, email goodrich@sps186.org

Mandatory Parent Informational Meeting:
Tuesday, March 22 at 6PM in the Southeast HS Library

Tryouts in the Southeast HS Gym:
Thursday, April 7th from 3:30-5PM
Friday, April 8th from 3:30-5PM
Saturday, April 9th from 9AM-12PM

SHS Cheerleading Tryouts
Anyone planning to tryout for the 2016-2017 Springfield High School cheerleading squad must attend the information meeting with a parent. At this meeting you will receive the necessary forms and information needed for tryouts.

Mandatory Parent Informational Meeting:
Monday, March 21st from 5:30-6:30PM in the SHS Commons

Tryout Clinics in the SHS Gym:
April 4th - April 7th from 3:45-6PM

Tryouts in the SHS Gym:
April 8th beginning at 4PM

Have a great day!

At JMS I will ....
Discipline &
to show my Jaguar PRIDE!