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Safety & Security

Student-Led Conferences

Here is a presentation that explains more about student-led conferences. Click on the document in order to view.

JMS Title I Information

Jefferson Title I 2013-2014 Home/School Compact

Jefferson Middle School's Title I Parent Involvement Policy reflects federal and state guidelines that encourage the involvement of families in the development of their children's education.

Please click on the PDF file on the right to view the entire 2013-14 Title I Home/School Compact.

Fundraiser Information

Schnucks Give Back to Schools Program

Jefferson Middle School will be participating in the Schnucks Give Back to Schools Program! Each month JMS can earn 1%-3% of money back on total purchases at Schnucks.

How it works:
• You shop at Schnucks.
• Pay for your groceries in any way (debt, credit, cash, check, Link, WIC, etc).
• Have them scan your Schnuck's eScrip card. This is a new program so you are going to have to remember to give it to them. They will probably not ask for it.
• JMS will get $$ monthly!

How to sign up:
• Fill out a form from Mrs. McCorkle with your name, address, email.
• She will give you your Schnuck's eScrip card. It comes with 2 cards and 3 key chain cards, so you can give them to other family members too!

What your card is/is not:
• Your card is not a grocery savings card (not like a Max card).
• Your card is only used for JMS to get the monetary perks!

For more information, please visit the Schnucks website.

Community Resources

Computer Banc Back-to-School Program

Do you need a computer for your child? Computer Banc can help!

Please click on the attachment at the right for complete information.