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Health Information

Mammogram Mondays

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When: January 15, 2015
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It may help to bring the following: full names, birth dates, and Social Security numbers for you and any family member enrolling; proof of Illinois residency (i.e. Illinois driver's license); and employer/income information (i.e. paycheck stubs, W-2).

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JMS 2013 Illinois School Report Card

Gallup Student Poll Results

Galllup Student Poll Methodology

"The annual Gallup Student Poll is offered at no cost to public schools and districts in the United States. The online poll is completed by a convenience sample of schools and districts each fall. Schools participating in the annual Gallup Student Poll are not randomly selected and are neither charged nor given any incentives beyond receipt of school-specific data. Participation rates vary by school. The poll is conducted during a designated survey period and available during school hours Tuesday through Friday only. The Gallup Student Poll is administered to students in grades 5 through 12. The primary application of the Gallup Student Poll is as a measure of non-cognitive metrics that predicts student success in academic and other youth development settings.

The overall data from the annual administration of the Gallup Student Poll may not reflect responses from a nationally representative sample of students, and the overall data are not statistically weighted to reflect the U.S. student population; thereby, overall data and scorecards should be used cautiously by local schools and districts as a data comparison. School and district data and scorecards provide meaningful data for local comparisons and may inform strategic initiatives and programming, though the results are not generalizable beyond the universe of the participating school or district."

Copyright © 2009, 2013 Gallup, Inc. All rights reserved.

Student-Led Conferences

Click on the document to view a presentation that explains more about our student-led conferences.

End of the Year PRIDE Reward Guidelines

JMS Title I Information

Jefferson Middle School's Title I Parent Involvement Policy reflects federal and state guidelines that encourage the involvement of families in the development of their children's education.

Please click on the PDF file to view the entire 2013-14 Title I Home/School Compact.

Fundraiser Information

Schnucks Give Back to Schools Program

Jefferson Middle School will be participating in the Schnucks Give Back to Schools Program! Each month JMS can earn 1%-3% of money back on total purchases at Schnucks.

How it works:
• You shop at Schnucks.
• Pay for your groceries in any way (debt, credit, cash, check, Link, WIC, etc).
• Have them scan your Schnuck's eScrip card. This is a new program so you are going to have to remember to give it to them. They will probably not ask for it.
• JMS will get $$ monthly!

How to sign up:
• Fill out a form from Mrs. McCorkle with your name, address, email.
• She will give you your Schnuck's eScrip card. It comes with 2 cards and 3 key chain cards, so you can give them to other family members too!

What your card is/is not:
• Your card is not a grocery savings card (not like a Max card).
• Your card is only used for JMS to get the monetary perks!

For more information, please visit the Schnucks website.

Community Resources

4-H Scholastic Achievement Program

What is 4-H?
4-H is the nation’s largest educational youth organization helping young people to develop knowledge and life skills. 4-H allows youth and adults to work together and upholds the theme “learning by doing”.

Learning by doing 4-H Scholars Program will be an 8-week program encouraging metro youth in grades 6-8 in Sangamon County to get involved in areas they would not normally be involved in. Students will have an opportunity to indulge for 8 weeks in a specific area that they are interested in. Classes will be taught by specialized field professionals. Classes will be from 6:00-8:00 p.m.

The 4-H Scholars Program will meet every Thursday beginning January 29, 2015 at UIS where they will learn to use and develop new ideas and life skills. Classes will be taught by UIS Students who are specialized in the areas.

Transportation: Parents may either drop their students off or transportation is provided to those students who need it. Students who do need transportation are to meet at Southeast High School in the parking lot (outside) by 5:45 p.m. Students will be dropped back off at Southeast parking lot by 8:30 p.m.


Stand Up & Help Out (Service Learning)
In these session students will learn about the value of service learning and giving back, they will actually do service learning within the community & keep a journal of their experiences.

Coolness of Science
In these session students will explore the many different aspects of science. They will get the chance to indulge into making and shooting rockets, chemicals, explosions, crime investigations, DNA, and experimenting on animals, etc.

Pop Culture & Leadership
In these sessions students will learn about how pop culture influences leadership, students will watch different films and songs that reflect leadership. Students will also create their own billboards that exemplifies their own leadership.

Mad Money (Business)
In these sessions students will learn on financial management and business. Students will also develop their own business plans if interested in owning their own business one day.

If interested and want to sign up please fill out the attached form and the 4-H en- rollment form. Any questions or concerns please contact:
Erica Austin (Metro Educator) 217-553-1815 or eaust2@illinois.edu

Computer Banc Back-to-School Program

Do you need a computer for your child? Computer Banc can help!

Please click on the attachment at the right for complete information.