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Lanphier High School

1300 North 11th Street
Springfield, IL 62702

The name Lanphier was the last name of the family who owned the land on which our school sits.The first graduating class was in 1937.

It is said that Lanphier means Land on Fire.

The first change was the land that Lanphier now occupies. The area used to be a reservoir. It was part of a large park on the North end of Springfield. Many people would come and have picnics, go fishing, play sports, and take boats out on the reservoir. The reservoir aided in supplying water to the North side. Many were distraught to hear that Reservoir Park was being sold to the school district.

Construction of Lanphier High School was a project of the Work Progress Administration (WPA), a federal agency created during the Great Depression to provide paying jobs for unemployed workers.

Most people would agree that the biggest changes for Lanphier have been expansion. The school has undergone a lot of construction. The biggest expansion of the school was the Edison Junior High School. There was a walkway that connected the two schools. During the 60's the two buildings were combined to make the high school much larger. Some of the most recent modifications are the Commons Area, as well as a couple classrooms on the West end of the school. Because of these additions, the student body has increased in size as well.

One of the most difficult events Lanphier has ever faced was the Civil Rights Distribution in the late 60's. Black students were not treated as equals to white students. This caused major problems. Students of all races walked out of school because blacks were not allowed on the cheerleading squad. Students wanted their basic rights. It was probably Lanphier's darkest period in history.

Lanphier High School has endured much in its existence, and there are still more developments to come. Many believe the stereotype that Lanphier is inferior to the other local high schools. Yet, all students who attend (and have attended) Lanphier have a strong pride for their school. The North Side Pride will live forever.