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Auburn R Theater

February 21, 2013

Reports R Theater, Auburn Il. January 31, 2013

The following are reports from individuals and/or groups from our club investigation. Check out our photo gallery, and evps posted on the evidence page.

Ashley Howlett- Group 3

Ashley (me) complained of getting a headache during the investigation. The group used the rods to attempt to communicate, as well as Ashley’s digital camera, and of course flashlights! The theater area was quiet (however evps were captured- see evidence page). I was in the theater with Kim and James at the time of the evp session.
Chansy, James, Damon, Alexis, and Ashley, had some interesting experiences while in the basement shaft. Damon and James thought they were touched, and got out of there quickly. Chansy and Alexis also felt they may have been touched, and Ashley got a headache while in the area and said they were told to “get out”.

Chansy R- Group 3 (Brittany, Chris, James, Kim, Alexus, Maria, Ashley H, Damon, Trish, Tracy

Our group was led by CAPS member Trish and Tracy. While we were in the upstairs living area we investigated the “Cat Room” with a recorder and a K2 Meter. We call it the cat room because last year during the club investigation Mr. Roberts and others heard a cat meow on more than one occasion and had a K2 strike, like something had run by the meter while it was sitting on the floor. Robbin, the owner has a great picture from the Theater of a ghost cat! We were asking the spirits to reveal themselves and we heard odd noises 4 times.
We went into the theater and I was sitting on the stage with a flashlight, K 2 meter and a recorder. We thought we saw two shadow figures and attempted to capture them on camera. It felt like I was grabbed on the leg. When I looked down there was nothing there and we saw the curtain move.
While in the basement several of us crawled down the shaft. Tracy was running her Ghost Radar application and it said James and leave among other things. I crawled down and felt like I was being held and could not move. The boys say they were touched or scratched.

Jared Nizzio- Group 4

Faith, Jennifer and I used an audio recorder while in the theater. We were hearing whispering. Hopefully our evidence will pick it up. In the basement, Cali, Amethyst, Ashley and Joey joined us. We had 3 recorders, and emf meters, as well as took several pictures. We did not really get much activity. Several members of the group climbed down the 100-foot long shaft, but really did not pick up anything. We next went to the garage where we took more photos, and did a fairly long recording session. While on the upper floor living space we were hearing odd noises in the deck/balcony area.

Breigh and Brandon- Group 1

Breigh got a headache every time she went into the theatre, and we heard what sounded like a breath in our ear, and heard some unexplained clicking noises. On the upper floor we heard humming.

While in the basement she heard a clicking noise and felt a breeze.
When they were upstairs they heard humming.

Joseph Meyer: Group 4

While in the basement he felt like he was being watched. Ashley and I used our own cameras, recording devices, phones etc to get photographic and audio evidence.

Travis Phares- Group 1
He really didn’t get any experiences. That being said it was fun going on my first investigation! I learned to use emf meters, rods, and audio recorders. It was fun!

Group 3:

(Upstairs) They were in the cat room and asked the spirits to show that they were present. They said that they could hear them four different times.

(Theatre) Claimed to see two different figures.
Claimed that something touched their leg and when they looked down they said it was gone but the curtain was moving

Donald Paoni group 1

It was a good investigation and I had a good time but it was fairly quiet. My group was led by Mr. Davis. We used cameras, audio recorders, and the dowsing rods throughout the evening.
While in the basement I felt a light tugging sensation and slight chill. While we were in the garage doing a session with the rods, Mr. Davis said he saw a distortion in a nearby mirror. While on the top floor, we think we may have been talking to multiple spirits according to the rods. We had little activity in the theater area, or the basement.

Breigh and Brandon- group 1

Breigh complained of a headache everytime she went into the basement. They also heard a strange humming while upstairs and a clicking noise and a breeze in the basement. We used rods, cameras, audio recorders, and K2 meters.

Amber Sammons- Group 2

While in the garage a flashlight seemed to dim and brighten in response to questions. Can’t say it was paranormal, could have been a technical issue. The rods crossed yes in response to the question “ are you a female”? There were overlapping questions at the time however so it could have been responding to something else. We heard a variety of knocks, bumps, and saw shadows while in the area.

Upper Floor

Not a lot of activity while investigating Robbin’s living quarters. Robbin’s bedroom was most active. The rods crossed and spun around in here. The rods moved very slowly on the rest of the floor or not at all. The K2 meter picked up a little activity at certain heights but electricity is in the building.

Theater- Rio’s mom who was helping out had her camera stop working. Orbs were actually observed around the room, around chairs etc . I personally got a cold chill and felt sadness looming around me.

Basement- half of the group felt uneasy and like a weight was pressing down on them, and then the feeling left. Billy went into the shaft and took a possible photo of a dark figure. We still have the evidence to look over more closely.