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Henry Wohlgemuth Mansion ( 2)

March 8, 2013

Paranormal club members, numbering 10 strong, made their second trip to the historic Henry Wohlgemuth Mansion in Springfield. The huge estate is located on the corner of 8th and Cook St. downtown. Students used audio recorders, k2 meters, laser lights, cameras, divining rods, spirit boxes, digital cameras, ghost meters, and of course flashlights during the investigation. The evidence will be posted on the webpage as soon as review is completed by the students.
Students reported the following personal experiences.
Joey felt like something was thrown and hit him in the side of the neck while sitting upstairs in one of the rooms. In the same area while Damon, Kim and others were doing a spirit box session Damon felt like his head was slightly pushed and both he and Kim felt drained of energy. The spirit box also stated the names Henry and Elizabeth when asked who was in the room. We are hoping to capture this on the udio recorder. In the room next to this room, the living room, Kaitlyn felt like her hip was being pushed on, this at the same time of Joey's incident. Kaitlyn stated it felt like her hair was being messed with on more than one occasion also,
Most students would agree that the basement is a very creepy area. The first group downstairs had two people say they got slight headaches, Kaitlyn and Mr. Roberts. They quickly went away once leaving the subtaranean level. Joey thought he heard a whisper in his ear also. Later in the night the group of Kim, Faith, and Jared went down to do a spirit box session. Kim said she got nauseous, Jared felt like they were not alone, and Faith heard a female groan, and a male growling sound.