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Virgil Hickox House, February 2013

May 3, 2013

Report Hickox House- February 18, 2013

The investigation took place from 6:30-8:30 PM. Morgan who had been to this location many times before led the group. Kim, Greg, and Michelle joined her. It was the latter two’s first investigation ever. Later in the evening they were joined by Jason and his daughter Brittany who will be at LHS next year. Mr. Roberts hosted as always.
The night was very active to say the least, and we are expecting evidence to support our experiences. Mr. Roberts and Kim heard a loud bang coming from upstairs to start the evening off! Later on we heard what sounded like a door opening and several times the sound of furniture being drug. At one point Mr. Roberts, Jason and Brittany heard the sound coming from the first floor while they were in the basement. When they went upstairs the students guaranteed them that nothing was moved. Matter of fact the remainder of the group was chasing a shadow figure at this time, they said darted out of the room next to the library, into the hallway, and then into the empty storage room! Footsteps were heard from unoccupied areas of the building at least 2-3 times. Near the end of the evening Mr. Roberts heard a loud whistle. The rest of the group was in a different part of the building. He asked the group if they had heard it. They were shocked because they were getting ready to ask him the same question!! Many pictures were taken, as well as video and audio recordings taken. Hopefully we capture some of this energy in the evidence review!