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R Theater, Auburn Il

March 12, 2014
R Theater

The basement was once a haunted attraction where money was raised for St. Jude's Hospital by owner Robbin Terry.

Ten students attended the investigation at the R Theater in Auburn Il. on February 21, 2014. The Theater built in 1948 once was the home to a 550 seat cinema, and now houses a private residence, and insurance agency. The theater also was home to a haunted attraction until this year. The investigation began with a walkthrough of the facility. Robbin Terry, the owner and long time investigator himself gave the group a history of the facility while video and audio recording. Once completed the investigators met in the huge garage where they listened to the audio simultaneously. Several evps were captured and will be added to the evidence page in the near future. http://www.sps186.org/schools/lanphier/paranormal/?p=55133
Students then broke into 3 seperate groups and investigated the basement, first floor including the theater room, upstairs living quarters, and the garage. Many climbed down the creepy tunnel where some claim to have seen something at the end, and had been touched. Hotspots through the evening also included the theater where at least 3 investigators reported odd occurances, from chills, headaches and the feeling of someone walking past. Evidence will be posted in the near future so check out the evidence page and Auburn Photo Gallery at: