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Bartonville Asylum April 15, 2014

April 29, 2014

The investigation on the old Peoria State Hospital's original building (1902), the Bowen Building was attending by twenty-one club members and numerous adults. The group arrived on this very cold evening (30's) around 6PM. They were greeted the owner Richard and several of his volunteers, who were available to answer any questions that the group may have. The entire group met in the old first floor classroom, where they were given a brief history and divided into five groups, with each group taking a different level to investigate for about 20 minutes each. The building consisted of a basement, three main floors, and large attic area. The Bowen Building was built in the early 1900's, and was the nurses housing but also occupied up to 120 patients at a time. Many deaths occured in this building including, a patient jumping out of a upper story window and a hanging in the attic. After the groups investigated each floor they had an hour and a half to go wherever they wished.
The group used a variety of meters, cameras, divining rods, thermometers, audio recorders, and trigger objects, like the Boo Bear, in an attempt to capture evidence. The students still have recordings to go through, but they were able to capture some strange EVPs (check out some of the evidence here: http://www.sps186.org/schools/lanphier/paranormal/?p=55133).
Students and adults reported seeing strange dark, shadowy figures from time to time on the main floors and basement. A group on the second floor, which is the most active floor according to staff, reported having objects, such as dry wall pieces, thrown their way! The basement was the main area where EMF action was detected. The Ghost Meter went off a few times near the tricyle in the basement. Footsteps were also reported in the basement and third floor area, making students think they were being followed! Overall the investigation went well. Even though it was a large group, everyone was quiet and respectful of each other, making for a unique experience.