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Phoenix Center: October 7, 2014

January 11, 2015

On October 7, 2014, the Lanphier High School Paranormal Club embarked on their second investigation at the Phoenix Center. The Phoenix Center is Springfield's local community center for the LGBTQ people, but it also doubles as an active haunted location that the club is allowed to investigate. The chaperones that attended the investigation included Mr. Davis and Mr. Roberts, as well as the club's acting president, Amber S. There was a plethora of evidence and activity that occurred that night, and many people had stories to share.
Matt C. and his group had an experience in one of the basement rooms. While they were using the spirit, they asked the spirits if there was anybody that they didn't like present in the room. There was a distinct "yes" heard from the box after they asked the question. They then proceeded to ask if the person that was unliked was Matt, and they received another "yes" heard from the spirit box. Earlier, in that same room, Mr. Davis was with the group when they were using dowsing rods, and they had a similar experience. They asked the first questions, receiving a cross (yes), and the second question, they asked the spirit to point to the person they didn't like. This time, the rods pointed to Matt and even followed him around the room as he moved to check if they would continue to follow him. This same thing also happened in the starting room right before the investigation concluded.
Matt and Marye C. were in the boiler room in the basement when their meters did something peculiar. They were in the back of the room, away from all the power equipment and electrical boxes, when both of their meters spiked to red (the highest reading) and remained there for a few seconds, before they returned to green (the lowest reading).
Laura B. was with Matt when he encountered the unwelcoming ghost. She and a few others temporarily split away from the group to use the dowsing rods to get more answers. According to their results, the ghost did not like Matt because he was so loud that he woke the spirit from his sleep.
Laura and Rachel M. felt cold chills run down their legs while they were investigating in the kitchen after they asked if there was a little boy in there with them. Laura felt another cold chill on her right leg when she was investigating in the starting room. Laura said that she thought it was weird for her to feel the chills because she was wearing jeans and a jacket.
Mr. Davis also had a chilling experience in the couch room in the basement. He said he felt a very distinct cold chill on his back. He had other members of his group feel his chest and back and compare the two, and they confirmed that there was at least a ten to fifteen degree difference between the two spots. This was especially odd because there were no vents in the area.
Several others also had strange things pop up on the Ovilus throughout the investigation. Some of the things that were picked up were: "Carol loves Pat," "men lost" (paired with other phrases, they concluded that someone missed the lost men), "challenge," "compete," "fly," "deplete," "sin," and "rewind."

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