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Phoenix Center: October 28, 2014

January 11, 2015

On October 28, Lanphier High School's Paranormal Club returned to the Phoenix Center for a third investigation. The Phoenix Center is Springfield's local community center for LGBTQ individuals in the area. The Phoenix Center is also an active haunted site that the club frequents. Mr. Roberts was provided adult supervision at the investigation, and the club president, Amber S., was also there to help out.
Marye C. and her group used the spirit box up in the attic and got some interesting responses from the spirits present. They said that from the evidence they were getting from the spirit box, that there were two spirits present with them in the attic, one that was forty-two years old and one that was five years old. The spirit box also informed them that it did not enjoy their presence or their being in there by saying a distinct "no" when asked if it minded them being there. After being informed this, they left the attic to investigate rooms where they were more welcome.
Mr. Roberts also had a few things to share that he experienced. Before anybody else got there, Mr. Roberts said he heard some odd noises throughout the house. He asked Berta, the lady spirit that reportedly resides in the kitchen, if she could give him a sign, and the dishwasher suddenly turned on by itself. This isn't the first time that this occurrence has happened, as it had happened three times the previous weekend. Later, Michael and him said that they heard knocking while they were in the starting room.
Breanna S. began to suddenly feel sick in near the bathroom in the basement.
BooBear, the club's tool that is used as a trigger object for child spirits, also had a lot of activity at the investigation. In the kitchen, his EMF detectors in his paws would not stop going off. This is extremely odd and uncommon to happen, especially for as long as it did. The K2 meters were also going off at the same time.
During the group spirit box session, there was some clear evidence taken. There seemed to be several responses to our questions coming through, some more clear than others. The most remarkable responses the group got was that, when asked if they knew anyone's name that was in here, it sounded as though as the names 'Abby' and 'Amber' were clearly said. These names were also repeated moments later when asked if they would mind doing so.

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