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Voter Outreach Program Learn and Register

September 28, 2010

On September 22nd, Joe Aiello, Sangamon County Clerk and Brad Carlson, Voter Outreach Coordinator presented the importance of voting and opportunity to register to vote. The election process is an important one. Everyone’s life is affected by the officials who are elected. Different offices are held by elected officials and the offices are responsible for programs that affect all of us. Examples are our parks, the mayor of the city, the city clerk, and our utilities. Because of this broad range of services we need to exercise our voice in the election process. The election process affects both local and national offices.
There are many ways to get to know the candidates and find out more information about them. Available sources of information are web sites, mail flyers, text messages, twitter, face book, and looking at where the candidate stands on issues.
There is an opportunity for students to campaign for a candidate. Through contact with precinct committeemen, volunteer work can be done in your precinct. Champaign flyers can be handed out door to door and signs placed. Through volunteering and service to others a student can be involved in the election process.
Discussion was held regarding the popular vote vs. the electoral vote, new voters, negative campaign ads, and how to communicate to your elected officials.
The students were able to complete a sample ballot. The results were tallied. The results showed “Best Automobile Manufacturer” was tied between Mercedes and Ferrari, “Best Vocal Artist” winner is Barry White with many write in votes, and “Best Ice Cream Flavor” winner is Strawberry. There were also propositions votes for “Three Day Weekend”, and “Six Month Pay Increases,” students voted an overwhelming yes to these propositions.
Students were able to register to vote at the close of the presentation.