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Thomas R. Schiff photographs the Lawrence Memorial Library

August 25, 2009

Thomas Schiff photographs the Lawrence Memorial Library


Thomas Schiff donated a book of his works to the Lawrence Memorial Library.

Famed fine arts photographer and renowned author, Thomas Schiff, visited the Lawrence Education Center to photograph the Lawrence Memorial Library on August 27, 2009.

Mr. Schiff has been photographing sites of architectural interest for many years. He is currently working on a book of Frank Lloyd Wrights sites as well as a one devoted to architecturally significant libraries throughout the United States, of which Frank Lloyd Wright’s Lawrence Library is an important one.

He mentioned that the book could be published in about a year and a half, with a possibility of the photographs of the Lawrence Memorial Library to be featured in it.

More about Mr. Schiff is provided below.

About Thomas R. Schiff

With his Hulcherama 360 panoramic camera, Thomas R. Schiff has photographed great landmarks, parks and architectural sites in the United States since 1994.

His book, Vegas 360, was released in the fall of 2008, and he is currently working on a book of Frank Lloyd Wright sites, which will include an introduction by Eric Lloyd Wright, architect and grandson of the renowned architect.

Unlike traditional photographs, the expansive format of the panoramic photograph allows the viewer to see a full-range of perspectives in one image.

Today, the photographic works of Thomas Schiff reside in a number of permanent collections and historical societies throughout the world, and his previous books include Panoramic Cincinnati (1999), Panoramic Ohio (2002), and Panoramic Parks (2005).

With all of Mr. Schiff’s books, proceeds go to benefit not-for-profit organizations devoted to perpetuating the appreciation, education and preservation of fine architecture in the United States.