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"Honest Abe" Musical Production

November 17, 2008

"These are some of the most intelligent, creative kids I have ever met!"

On November 13th, The Little Theater On The Square presented the "Honest Abe" musical followed by a basic acting skills workshop for Lawrence Education Center.

The live performance of "Honest Abe" is a musical drama that brings history to life. The play is a factual presentation of the life and works of Abraham Lincoln. Students reviewed an accompanying classroom study guide prior to the performance. There were four performers with many costume and prop changes. The students enjoyed the musical and benefited by learning historical information.

The basic acting skills workshop followed the musical. Students were placed into workshops with each of the performers. Some of the skills presented to the students included, how to project your voice, how to energize those around you and yourself, and how to put into action your thoughts. The acting workshop was well received by the students and staff. The performers complimented the students on their creativity, excellent attitudes and intelligence.