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SEWING Statements

March 22, 2012

"Pillow Hearts"

I started working in the sewing class last week. We sewed pillow hearts for the preemie babies at St. Johns Hospital. We did it as a team: some sewed, others cut out the heart shapes, and others hand stitched. [The parents put the pillow by their own heart, then] the scent of the parents will be on the pillow heart. The heart is placed into the preemie's incubator to calm them down.

It was a joy to participate in the workshop to help the preemie babies at St. Johns Hospital. Thanks to our teacher Mrs. Defend for sharing her sewing skills with us.

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S.E.W.I .N.G. (Sewing Encourages Wonder, Intelligence, Nurture & Giving) workshops are made available to students by a collaborative Learn & Serve America grant which is provided by the Illinois State Board of Education.