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Tour Group Visits the Lawrence Memorial Library

May 8, 2012

Diana, Leigh, and Laura assisted with the events of the day by answering questions about the Lawrence Memorial Library.


The Lawrence Memorial Library was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1905.


A scrapbook from the original dedication in 1982 was on display.

Out and About Wright: Prairie Architecture in the Illinois Heartland

On Saturday, May 5, 2012, the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy hosted a group of individuals who toured various Wright sites in the Springfield area. Their tour, entitled Out and About Wright: Prairie Architecture in the Illinois Heartland, allowed participants to begin their day with an extended tour of the Dana-Thomas House followed by a trip to Lawrence Education Center in order to visit the Lawrence Memorial Library. The group finished their day by traveling to Decatur’s Millikin Place to see the Irving house, both Mueller houses, and the historic Millikin Homestead.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy, an international preservation organization, is based in Chicago, Illinois. Its mission is to facilitate the preservation and maintenance of the remaining structures designed by Frank Lloyd Wright through education, advocacy, preservation easements and technical services.


All images on this page were used with permission from Dale Lael, who was generous enough to photograph the events of the day.