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The Lawrence Education Center's educational program is 30% federally funded in the amount of $242,547. The program is funded by the Illinois Community College Board.

About Lawrence Education Center

Since 1977 Lawrence Education Center has been providing education and training to Springfield and the surrounding communities. Programs include: a comprehensive high school credit recovery and diploma program, adult basic education, adult secondary education, GED preparation, and English as a Second Language (ESL) all with support from volunteer tutors from the Fishes and Loaves-Springfield Literacy Project Office.
Lawrence Education Center (LEC) provides job preparation skills for those who need more in-depth instruction on interview techniques and resume writing. Internships are provided for students who have reached the level of job-readiness. These internships are held at sites of business, social service organizations, and governmental agencies that partner with LEC. These partners contact LEC with job vacancies, participate as presenters at workshops, and provide job shadowing experiences.

LEC programs serve students who are 16 years of age and older, who are high school dropouts, who return to school to complete high school or the equivalent, improve literacy and numeracy skills, and/or to learn English as a Second Language. Students between the ages of 16-18 may also enroll in the Capital Area Career Center (CACC) vocational training programs, attending CACC for one-half of the day and LEC the other half.

We are centrally located in Springfield, served by the Springfield Mass Transit District. By utilizing an open entry program, we can accommodate a student at almost any point in his/her academic year for credit recovery or graduation. Our on-site tutors, counseling staff, and referral to social service agencies assist students to overcome barriers to learning. We offer a small learning environment which is individualized and self-paced in a safe, comfortable site.

We are a School of Choice- We Offer Flexibility and the Opportunity for Secondary Education completion.

LEC offers a Prepare Youth to Work Program to students 16-21 years of age who meet criteria set by the Federal Workforce Investment Act. This program provides classroom instruction on job preparation which ultimately leads to internships. Our community partners provide workshop speakers throughout the year on topics such as resume and job application preparation, money management, confidentiality in the workplace, and specific occupation skill requirements. Job fairs are offered on the Lawrence main campus twice a year.

LEC offers great flexibility in providing learning materials that meet most skill levels or a 5.0 and above. LEC offers differenct sections during the day making the flexibility of open entry enrollment the hallmark of our program.

LEC has been consistent in graduating students over the years and increasing reading levels to assist students in literacy for life-long learning.
LEC served approximately 750 students during the 2009/2010 school year, 91 students received their GED, 81 received their High School Diploma, 58 completed the Lawrence School of Business. Our data shows that more and more students find success at Lawrence Education Center and our staff anticipates that these numbers will only grow higher.

Our emphasis on rigor, relevance and relationships pays off!

Lawrence Education Center was nominated to receive the Secretary's Award for outstanding vocational programs in 1983 and was recognized by the United State Office of Education as one of ten outstanding Adult Education Programs in the nation in December 1985.

LEC is administered through Springfield Public Schools and is funded by the Illinois Community College Board.