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Faculty NameConference SessionNotesAttachments
Laura LaelFirst Year: Fast Track

The G.E.D. Fast Track program at Macon-Piatt Adult Ed. Center in Decatur started in April of 2011. They have run three programs so far. The first Fast Track class started out with eight students but only five met all the requirements.
Fast Track requirements:
* Provide current State of IL ID. Card or Driver’s License.
* Attend enrollment and placement testing.
* Achieve a minimum score of 10.6 on the Reading TABE.
* Achieve a minimum score of 2 on a G.E.D. practice essay.
* Achieve a minimum score of a 400 on a G.E.D. practice Math test.
* Pay $50 cash for G.E.D. exam.
* Sign the G.E.D. Fast Track student contract.

Each Fast Track program ran for approximately one month. Each week, the students would study for a different test. For example, the first week they would all work on reading. They would meet Tuesday-Thursday for two hours and on Friday they would take their Reading Test. The R.O.E. would come to their facility and give the exam.

To make sure students have completed 40 hours of instruction, they have been pulling students from their regular program that meet the requirements.

Janet UlmWomen Employed: Improving Adult Student Transitions into College and Careers

Tips for positive transitioning of students:
• Develop a social relationship between students and staff and students.
• Develop a Cohort for those students attending the same college.
• Develop knowledge for financial aid, admission process and orientation to college, and scholarships.
• Utilize Career Clusters.
• Teach students self advocacy skills.
• Teach students how to make decisions.
• Teach students about different learning styles.
• Create partnerships
• Utilize social media to communicate
• Interaction between students and completers of programs.

Diana SchoenherrPapers, Papers, Papers -- Presened by Carol Jago AND "Building Bridges with Transitions," presented by Ms. Linda Cox

Papers, Papers, Papers — Presened by Carol Jago

Ms. Jago presented very interesting ideas regarding how to deal the the
paperload that teachers encounter. A few main points:
* Teachers are not copy editors — it it the responsibility of the
student to make corrections; it is the responsibility of the teacher to
teach writing
* Focus on only one or two areas for improvement — don't try to tackle
all the problems of the paper
*Separate you response to content from the responses to mechanical errors.
* Respond as a reader — ask questions.
* Do not grade over school breaks — give yourself a rest.

I have a copy of the handout "Papers, Papers, Papers: Handling the Paper
Load through Improved Student Writing" in you would like to review it.


A second seminar of interest was entitled: "Building Bridges with
Transitions," presented by Ms. Linda Cox. This seminar demonstrated how
to use transitional words that act as bridges between ideas. The exercise
included a close look at the structure of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Scott KinderAlgebra from the GED and Beyond

The worksheet covers a method to set up an equation, combine like terms in an equation, and solve an equation. In addition, there is an alternative method to solve an equation as well.

Kathi LeeLinking Adult Literacy and Reading Comprehension to the Department of Labor Career Clusters

CTB/McGraw-Hill and MetaMetrics have recently completed a research project linking TABE Reading results to Lexile measures to improve adult literacy comprehension and retention. This research also aligns the entry level reading requirements to all 16 U.S. Department of Labor Career Clusters demonstrating to adult students the role reading plays in improving their current job or finding a new job. Participants will learn how Lexile measures can be used to connect learners with ability-appropriate instructional and leisure reading materials for effective reading practice via a free web resource.