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Using Commas

The comma is one of the most important punctuation marks in English, but it is often used incorrectly. This page will introduce two of the most common uses of the comma: the listing use, and the conjoining use.

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A biography is a written story of a person's life. It is also a type of book.


State Journal Register - NIE e-Edition
The State Journal Register is not sending newspapers to the schools anymore.Instead we have a subscription to the State Journal Register's NIE e-Edition (internet-based edition)

Ask your teacher for the login and password. This password can be used by faculty and students. If you ever have trouble with a password please contact your teacher or Michele Romence.
Simply click on the URL to get started.
Once you have accessed the State Journal Register's NIE e-Edition, take a minute to read what is on the right side of your screen this will just give you a little more insight to the NIE e-Edition.
You will also find a "how to" link at the top of the right hand side of your screen for even more information.


Worldbook Online
Since 1917, World Book, Inc., has set the standard for providing accuracy, objectivity, and reliability in research materials for both children and adults. Based in Chicago, Illinois, World Book is an industry leader in the production of award-winning encyclopedias, reference sources, and digital products for the home and schools.

For almost 90 years, World Book has been committed to publishing encyclopedias and other reference products that meet the highest standards of editorial excellence while keeping pace with the technological developments that define the computer age.

This commitment has culminated in the publication of the number-one selling print encyclopedia in the world, The World Book Encyclopedia, and market leading digital products including the World Book Online Reference Center. World Book publishes nearly 90 reference titles. Recent publications include World Book Student Discovery Encyclopedia, Animals of the World, World Book's Science & Nature Guides, Student Discovery Science Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia of Flags, Solar System & Space Exploration Library, Human Body Works, and Biographical Connections. Teach then learn about Worldbook online.


Illinois Career Information System
For high school students, college students and adults. A comprehensive guide to Illinois careers, training programs and schools. Check out the CIS Aid Sort to locate scholarships!
Click on: Internet CIS


Countdown 9,8,7
Examine your job interests through a survey. With the results of the survey, you will find information on careers and occupations suited for your interests.
Click on: Internet Countdown 9,8,7
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Click on: Your answer to each question, then
Click on: Next (lower right-hand corner) to go to the next question


Illinois Workforce Information Your Gateway to Workforce and Career Information
The Illinois Department of Employment Security is the most reliable source for information about the state's labor market. Visit all of our resources as you look for a job, explore occupations, seek to expand your company or plan for your community's future.


For middle and high school students that want to quickly access information about occupations, wages, employment projections and to view videos of people doing their jobs.


America's Career InfoNet
America's Career InfoNet is part of America's Career Kit from the U.S. Department of Labor. Here you can see a general outlook on the U.S. job market, showing which occupations are growing fastest and what skills and education they require. Learn about wages and trends for occupations in your choice of states, or visit the state profile section for basic demographic information. Career InfoNet has a resource section with links to sites with occupational information, job search aids, relocation information, and more.


Career & Educational Guidance Library: Career Exploration Links
Career Exploration Links, from the University of California at Berkeley, provides information on specific careers and educational preparation programs. Although the site is aimed at college students, anyone can find helpful information here.


For first-hand accounts of what it's like to work in different careers, visit JobProfiles.org. The profiles detail the rewards, stress, basic skills, and challenges of particular jobs, as well as advice on how to start a career in the field. The profiles range from jobs in agriculture and nature to jobs in government and retail sales. Although one person's perspective on a job may not be shared by everyone in that line of work, JobProfies.org does provide a unique, insider's view of real-world work.


JIST's newest Web site! Visit the Occupational INformation Kingdom-free and subscription access to information on more than 14,000 job titles. If you're a glutton for the most up-to-date cross-referenced data on jobs, you'll feast at www.careeroink.com!


JobStar California: Guides for Specific Careers
JobStar's Guides for Specific Careers provides a list of sites by occupation that are packed with information about planning your career. Learn what kind of training or education is required, earning potential, work environment, and which careers are hot and which are not. Some sites even include personal stories from individuals working in the field.


O.NET, the Occupational Information Network, is an advanced-technology database system developed by the U.S. Department of Labor to replace the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT). It identifies and describes important information about occupations, worker skills, and training requirements.


MLA Citation Guidelines
This page lists the guidelines for MLA citation.


MLA Citation Guidelines
This site lists the guidelines for MLA citation.


K-W-L Organization Chart
Fill in the information in the section below. Once you hit Generate-KWL, you will be taken to a page that can be used as a template for helping learners strategically and effectively organize information.


Venn Diagram
Venn diagrams are a powerful way to graphically organize information. Fill in the information to create a Venn Diagram.


Title: ForFarmers.com
Description :A careers site for those involved in the field of agriculture. Agricultural positions from around the world.