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What is PBIS?

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a proactive systems approach to establishing behavioral supports and a positive social culture. The PBIS model teaches clear expectations to students to prevent problem behavior before it occurs. Students learn classroom and building procedures that are supported by consistent adult behaviors. It also provides a framework for acknowledging positive student behavior.

School-wide Expectations

PBIS expectations and procedures are taught through the Lee Student Success Guide. This guidebook outlines the procedures for every common area in the building. At Lee we teach students to ROARRespect Others and Act Responsibly — at all times in the building. A copy of our PBIS matrix can be downloaded to the right.

The Success Guide also includes other important topics such as avoiding problem behaviors, solving problems, and apologizing when someone is harmed. It is reviewed daily at Lee in every classroom during our morning advisory period. Click to the right to download your copy.


Students at Lee are praised and acknowledged when they follow procedures and contribute to a positive school culture. Some acknowledgements are immediate while others are more infrequent.

We strongly believe that using positive language with students is a key component to a productive learning environment. Research tells us that children need to hear at least four positive statements for every one negative, a 4:1 ratio. Some studies place this ratio as high as 7:1.

Paw prints are given to students who demonstrate that week's teaching point. The teaching point is determined by analyzing student referral data and is taught and practiced during our daily advisory period. Paw prints are a simple way to recognize students who are working hard at contributing to our culture.

Class compliments are given to classes in common areas who demonstrate our school procedures as outlined in the Success Guide. For every 25 compliments earned, classes receive a certificate and a small reward.

We hold celebrations for our students on three levels:

Lee Celebration Matrix
All School Celebration3 times a yearWhen all students together meet a specific data-based goal.
ROAR CelebrationmonthlyStudents with 0 referrals in a monthly period.
Out of the Blue Celebrationrandomly each weekStudents who received a paw print demonstrating that week's teaching point.


When students demonstrate the need for an extra layer of support from adults, a behavioral intervention is put into place to help students find success and practice needed skills.

Check In Check Out (CICO) is an intervention which provides immediate positive feedback to students throughout the day. All activities of their day are listed on rows on the form, and staff fills out the form after each part of the day. This helps students track their own behavior and ensures consistent, positive interactions with teachers. At the end of the day, students Check Out with a staff member, finding out their daily percentage and if they met their goal (80%). Click to the right for a copy of our CICO form.

In a Social Academic Instructional Group (SAIG), students who are not responding to CICO meet with a staff member at least once a week to focus on a specific social skill that will help them manage their behavior in the classroom. This intervention is in addition to CICO.

Other more individualized interventions are also available for students.