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What is CPI?

CPI (Crisis Prevention Institute) training is a nonviolent crisis intervention framework with a philosophy of care, welfare, safety, and security for all students. Through Nonviolent Cris Intervention training, teachers learn how to defuse challenging and disruptive behavior before an incident escalates to a crisis situation. CPI training gives a new perspective when dealing with challenging behaviors, and can provide valuable methods to stay calm, de-escalate a situation, and get back to our mission to help children learn and do their best every day.

CPI is about building positive relationships with students and understanding the root of acting out behavior. Adults help students work through the behavior and problem solve alternative choices to acting out to get their needs met.

Care Teams

If a child does go into crisis and is a danger to himself or others, CPI trained staff called Care Teams intervene in a safe way. These staff members receive yearly training on how to deescalate students and use safe physical interventions when absolutely necessary.

If a child is physically restrained, the family is contacted and receives a record of the situation and the specific interventions that were used. This documentation is also monitored by the district's special education department to ensure safety and consistency with the CPI model.

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