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What is restorative practice?

Restorative practice is a way of being and doing, a mindset that sees behavioral change as an instructional process. The goal of restorative practices is to create a culture of mutual respect, caring, and understanding. Instead of distributing punishment and removing students from school, this approach emphasizes restoration and the practice of a new skill that students can use the next time to be successful. This type of practice gives students the power and autonomy to repair any harm they have caused.

BBSS is based on the philosophy of restorative practice. The think sheet, part of BIST, is a chance for students to think about their behavior, plan for a better response in the future, and consider who was harmed by their actions. The apology protocol, part of our Student Success Guide, gives students the chance to take responsibility for their actions and repair the harm.

Advisory Period

To build a culture of caring and respect, each day at Lee starts with the advisory period, a classroom meeting time for teaching, sharing, problem solving, and skill building.
During the advisory period, students may review the success guide, practice problem solving, or discuss ways to improve classroom and school culture. This class meeting is an everyday reminder to students that they are also responsible for creating the kind of learning environment that they want to see at our school.

Re-entry Plan

In rare cases, a student's behavior may present a continued, significant disruption to learning or potential harm to others. In those cases, suspension from school may be instituted. Upon returning from suspension, students must participate in a re-entry conference.

During this conference, the student, family member, and staff members will meet to work together to create a re-entry plan. This plan outlines the problem behavior, the skill the student needs to be successful, and a specific plan that gives the student multiple chances to practice the skill. This is a supportive meeting to help students rejoin the learning community with a new skill that will help them make a better choice in the future and remain at school.