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BIST Placement Protocol
Students at Lee have several placement options to support them and ensure that all students are in a safe and productive learning environment throughout the day. Please refer to the poster at the right to understand student placement options.

Ideally all students remain in their assigned classroom seat at all times every day. However, just as school teaches academic skills, many students need help in learning behavioral and emotional skills, and our placement options support students in learning needed skills without distracting or harming other students.

If a student becomes disruptive or they need a break, they may be sent to the safe seat. While at the safe seat students have time to calm down, think about their choices, and prepare to rejoin their class. They are not in trouble while in the safe seat. While at the safe seat students fill out a think sheet, a document that helps them process what they did wrong, admit their mistake, prepare an apology, and prepare to get back to learning.

Students wait until their teacher has a break in instruction, then a conference occurs to talk through the think sheet and make sure students are ready to rejoin the class in their regular seat.

If a student is in the safe seat and is still disruptive, they may be asked to go to the buddy room. Every classroom is assigned a buddy room as another location so that students can reflect on their behavior but not be completely removed from a learning environment. At this point a student is still not in trouble. While in the buddy room students fill out a think sheet and prepare to return to the safe seat in their room. When they are ready, they may return to class with a completed think sheet, where they will follow safe seat procedures.

If a student continues to be disruptive in both the safe seat and the buddy room, or a student refuses to go to their buddy room, at this point the office is called for help. Once the office is called, a referral will be written and a parent or family member will be contacted. Once this is completed, a student does not remain in the office but returns to their buddy room as soon as they are able. They then follow the placement protocol in order to return back to class.

This process is designed to keep students in a learning environment at all times. The office is not a place for teaching and learning, so students need to return to learning areas as soon as possible.

In rare cases a student is escalated to the point that they need additional time to regroup and become calm. The recovery room is a more isolated, quiet area in the back of a designated classroom where a student can deescalate. This step may be necessary, but makes the student's journey back to class that much longer.

In order for this system to work, all adults must act and speak consistently. That means we will never let a student be disruptive or hurtful, and when they do make bad choices, they will follow the placement protocol until they are completely ready to rejoin their class.

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