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Caring Confrontation

Caring Confrontation: A supportive approach for adults to use when addressing problem behaviors with students:

"I see... (disruptive behavior)"
"Can you... (desired behavior)"
"Even though... (skill student is not demonstrating)"

For example, "I see that you are angry. Can you go to the safe seat even though you don't want to?"

Safe Seat

Safe Seat: A seat in the classroom away from other students. Students may be asked to go to the safe seat or they may go themselves if they feel it is needed. The safe seat is a place students use to think about their actions, remove themselves from a problem situation, or take a moment to regroup.

Think Sheet

Think Sheet: A tool that the student completes to help him/her take ownership of the problem behavior and create a plan to be successful. This think sheet is used to have a conference with the teacher to ensure that the student is ready to return to class and be successful.

Click to the right to see samples of think sheets for different grade levels.

Buddy Room

Buddy Room: A seat in another teacher's classroom to help a student regroup so they may return to their classroom safe seat. Sometimes students need to be removed from a situation in order to regain calm and get back on track.

Recovery Room

Recovery Room: A place where escalated students can go to stop acting out, calm down, prepare an apology and create a plan to be successful. This option is used if students need an increased time of support before beginning the pathway back to class.

Advisory Period

Advisory Period: Daily morning classroom meetings facilitated by the teacher to help students solve problems, plan events and maintain a positive classroom community.