Destination Dinner Table - GenH

4 days ago We had the opportunity to share with Lee families the special GenH program called Destination Dinner Table. Adam and Chef Jay came out and taught both the adults and the children a variety of facts about food. Following that we all enjoyed a nice dinner that had been prepared by our parents.
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Safety Fair

5 days ago
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Week of the Child

Apr 17, 2015 The Early Childhood classes invited families to come and share the afternoon with their children.
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Ice Cream Party

Apr 15, 2015 Lee student's who completed their Spring Break Packets were given a special ice cream sundae party today this afternoon.
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Virtual visit with an Author

Apr 14, 2015 Mrs. Hays' fifth grade class was able to have a virtual visit with Irene Latham, the author of Leaving Gee's Bend. She gave them them the opportunity to ask questions and learn about the process of becoming an author.
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Springfield Police visit Lee

Apr 14, 2015 Working through the Gallop poll results and trying to help our students feel safe, we had the Springfield Police department come and visit Lee School. The students loved building relationships with the police that came out.
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Student of the Month Celebration

Mar 10, 2015
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Family Engagement Empowering Students

Mar 5, 2015 Lee School invited families and community to come to Lee School to hear a presentation by Dr. Jennifer Stringfellow, a professor at Eastern Illinois University. They also had the opportunity to visit and question many community booths as they learned to help their children prepare for the future.
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