2013 - 2014

Heart of Gold Volunteer Award

April 24, 2014   3 photos
Mrs. Christine Phillips was nominated for the Heart of Gold Volunteer Award and was honored at the ceremony last night at UIS. We appreciate all that Mrs. Phillips does for Lee School.

Art Council presents Chris Valillo

April 24, 2014   43 photos
Musical performer Chris Valillo came to Lee School to share his talents with our students. There was lots of excitement and learning that went on during the assembly.

Parachute Fun with Green Students

April 21, 2014   21 photos

Third Quarter Awards Assembly

April 3, 2014   94 photos

April Student of the Month Luncheon

April 1, 2014   11 photos

ISAT Assembly

February 28, 2014   56 photos
A BIG thank you to the Southeast High School Senior Cheerleaders, Drum Line and basketball players Malcolm Pollard, Jalen Henry, BJ Hill, and Merari Hill. They got our students all pepped up to take their ISAT tests. The basketball players talked about having determination and grit.

Got Grit?

February 20, 2014   63 photos
Lee third, fourth and fifth graders are getting on their grit for the ISAT.

December Student of the Month Luncheon

January 14, 2014   7 photos

Second Quarter Awards Assembly

January 14, 2014   11 photos

Second Quarter Awards Assembly

January 14, 2014   0 photos

November Students of the Month

December 5, 2013   13 photos

Reading Days

November 26, 2013   45 photos
A BIG thank you to all our special guest readers.

Reading Days

November 24, 2013   0 photos
A BIG thank you to all our guest readers for taking the time and sharing their love of reading to come and read to our students. The students loved it.

Fall Festival 2013

November 21, 2013   60 photos

Green Breakfast.

November 18, 2013   28 photos
Students who have been on green since September were invited to a Green Breakfast which featured biscuits and gravy from Hardee's. A Big Thank You to Hardee's!

Turkey Out of the Blue

November 14, 2013   37 photos

Awards Assembly for First Quarter

November 6, 2013   26 photos

Fall Festival Fun

November 1, 2013   52 photos

Fall Festival Fun

November 1, 2013   0 photos

Fall Festival 2013

October 31, 2013   0 photos

October Fun with Kindergarten and Fifth Grade Buddies

October 24, 2013   6 photos

October Referral Free Occasion

October 24, 2013   48 photos

4th & 5th Grade Buddy Up with Kindergarten

October 13, 2013   10 photos

Homework Club in Action

October 11, 2013   10 photos
Lee School's homework club meets three days a week after school. Volunteers from University of Illinois at Springfield, Lincoln Land Community College, and local business UTG come to Lee during our 21st century program to tutor students one on one.

PBIS Out of the Blue -- Parachute

October 8, 2013   16 photos

September Student of the Month

October 2, 2013   13 photos

PBIS Referral Free Game Day

October 2, 2013   51 photos

PBIS Green Breakfast

September 11, 2013   20 photos
We have a lot of celebrations at Lee School, including out of the blue celebrations for students who have a good day as well as referral free celebrations every month.

Meet the Teacher Night

September 6, 2013   43 photos
Everyone had a wonderful evening meeting teachers.

Meet the Teacher Night.

September 6, 2013   0 photos
A wonderful evening enjoyed by many families.

PBIS Referral Free Celebration

August 23, 2013   54 photos

First Day of School

August 21, 2013   26 photos

First Day of School

August 21, 2013   0 photos

Ice Cream Social

August 19, 2013   6 photos

Lee Staff Checks in With Students

July 29, 2013   23 photos
On Friday, Lee staff members visited with both past and future students, accompanied by free books and ice cream treats.

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