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Parent Teacher Home Visit Project Coming to Lee

August 20, 2017

This year we are excited to introduce the Parent Teacher Home Visit Project (PTHVP). In fact, we will be the first school in Illinois to participate in the program! PTHVP is an opportunity for teachers to learn from families. Participation is voluntary for both the teacher and the family. We strongly believe that relationships matter, that's why we have decided to adopt this model to better understand our students.

Unlike the traditional parent teacher conference, these meetings take place in the student's home environment. The conversation is primarily led by the family, the teacher's main job is to listen. The fall home visit focuses on sharing the hopes, dreams, and goals for the child, while the spring visit is centered around students' progress towards their goals.

Families will be chosen at random to participate and not all teachers will be conducting home visits this year. If a student is selected, a teacher will contact the family to set up a date for the visit. Two teachers related to the student's learning will make the visit to the home. As mentioned previously, the program is entirely voluntary and families can decline the visit. 

We are excited to begin this special project this year. It may start small but we hope it will grow continually over the months and years.

For more information please visit the Project website at  http://www.pthvp.org.