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8 Black Media Professionals Creating a Better Tomorrow

February 1, 2016

Today, for our Black History Month Celebration, we're looking at people in the world of media. Media is any tool used to communicate to others whether that's in newspapers, on YouTube, magazines and books, and any way voices are recorded to share messages to a larger audience.

Here's a research project for you: check out any one of the 8 features on this article and come up with 3 facts about them. Your answers can be displayed below for end-of-the-day announcement prizes.


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Franchesca Ramsey is most recognized black voices in media. Marc Lamont Hill talks inslighty speeches and he wants to make a better tomorrow this is what he says "Being black means being part of a tradition that has built, fed, healed and inspired the world,''. Morgan DeBaun is the main mastermind behind Blavity this is what she says about making a better tomorrow "I think Blavity amplifies the good work, things and ideas that already exist in communities of color but oftentimes don't get uplifted,". Wesley Lowery is known as one of the most diligent black professionals in media when he reported this "humanizing black characters and contextualizing the black experience for a mainstream (and largely white) audience,". They that Issa Rae is akward and quiet talented who is well on her way to changing the landscape of television'' this what she says "Black is supposed to be cool, black is sassy, black is trendsetting. I just don't feel that way. It's almost limited in a way and I feel like black is so much more than that." All these activist wants to make a better tomorrow and wants life to change they want to make sure everything is right and make sure there is not a difference between race and we are the same they wants to make a better tomorrow so everybody would be different and alike.

 Gabrielle McMasters   Thu, February 4, 2016