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download Lincoln Magnet School Supplies List 2018-2019

2” Binder: Non-zip, hard plastic, with see through front pocket

5 Tab Dividers without pockets

1 pkg. of loose leaf Notebook paper- lined

3 boxes of Kleenex 

1 Clorox Wipes 

1 Colored Design Duct Tape (Girls Only)

2 Packs Pencils

2 Reams of copy/printer paper

Sturdy Pencil pouch with 3 holes

Handheld Pencil Sharpener (with lid to collect shavings)- 6th Grade Only

Colored Pencils (Girls Only)

Glue Sticks (Boys Only)

2 Composition Notebooks - no spiral (black and white) - 6th Grade Only

Dry Erase Markers (Boys Only)

2 pairs earbuds

3 folders with prongs & pockets plastic

2 single subject notebooks

7th/8th Grade Laptop Bags will need to be stored at home and brought back to school on the first day. 


Instrumental Book for your instrument. Specific details will be announced the first week of school.


Regular gym shoes


Pencil box - to hold all supplies

24 pk crayola colored pencils

3 - White polymer erasers

1 - Package of #2 wooden pencils. 

1 - 3 prong pocket folder

2 - Black sharpie

1  - Black sharpie thin

1 - Metallic sharpie - gold bronze or silver. Student choice

1 - Plastic ruler 

Optional  - Colored sharpies

* There may be additional items we will need as the year proceeds

History Fair (8th Grade Only)

Multi- Colored Notecards - Pastel 3x5 with lines ( No neon or darker colors)

Scotch Tape

Supplies will be collected in the first day. Many of the notebooks and supplies will be collected and shared with the class.