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Mrs. Hulcher is Stuck On Reading

The students were excited because Mrs. Hulcher was Stuck on Reading Feb. 10. IRLA celebrations took place for students who have logged 100 or more steps on their reading log. Mrs. Hulcher was duct taped to the wall to show her excitement about the students great success.

A Great Day at Matheny-Withrow

Thank you Jennifer Gill and Dr. Tony Smith for visiting with our faculty, staff and students.

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What's going on at Matheny-Withrow?

If you want updated text messages from Mrs. Hulcher, send a text message to the number above. (Click on the graphic)

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In 2 days
4:45PM to 6PM
Snowballs for Empathy

Photos Feb 5 Throughout the month of January, Matheny Mustangs were caught showing empathy 443 times! Each act...

APTT #2 at Matheny-Withrow

Photos Jan 19 Click below to view video of the evening:

Matheny-Withrow holds APTT #2 Meeting with Families

Photos Jan 18 Matheny-Withrow's 2nd Academic Parent Teacher Team meeting was a success....

Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Photos Jan 16 Thanks to our community sponsor, Ameren, Matheny students and staff enjoyed guest speakers, soloist...

Destination Dinner Table

Photos Jan 12 GenH guided Matheny families in preparation of a delicious dinner! While the students peeled apples...

Matheny-Withrow APTT - Academic Parent Teacher Teams!

Photos Jan 5 APTT is a new program at Matheny-Withrow. Families were invited in to their child's classrooms to...

Thanksgiving Feast

Photos Nov 20 Matheny-Withrow students are thankful for many things. The staff at Matheny-Withrow was at the top of most students lists. We all agreed we are thankful for each other!

BBSS Video: Before you Speak, T.H.I.N.K.

Videos Nov 18 Is it True? Is it Helpful? Is it Inspiring? Is it Necessary? Is it Kind?

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