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Behavior Intervention Support Team (BIST)

Behavior Intervention Support Team(BIST) is about protecting and teaching students the skills they need to succeed in school and life. The purpose of the BIST Model is to partner with students when they are struggling and help them be accountable for their actions to make changes in their life. We are working through the continuum of noncompliance to independence.

Noncompliance →   Compliance→   Partnership→  Independence

BIST Life Goals: These Goals are incorporated into our Life Lessons for Excellence at Matheny-Withrow

BIST identifies three life skills that all students must demonstrate to be successful in school and life:

  • I can be angry and not get in trouble.

  • I can be okay, even if others aren't.

  • I can do something even if I don’t want to (or if it's hard).

BIST Bottom Line

In order to provide a safe and productive environment, the BIST model employs two school rules:

  • It is never okay to be disruptive.

  • It is never okay to be hurtful.

A student will be asked by an adult one time per activity to stop a behavior that is disruptive or hurtful (one redirect).  Adults will intervene and ‘take action’ quickly if a student cannot meet this standard. Action will be taken using behavior prevention strategies prior to the movements of safe seat, buddy room, and office.

Grace and Accountability

BIST is designed to teach and protect students, via GRACE and ACCOUNTABILITY, so that students can make good choices and have the promising lives that they want and deserve.


Responsibility and  
Accountability to  
Children in 


Guiding students to look at what problems the behaviors create in the student’s life. There are five levels to Accountability:

I did it

I’m sorry

It’s part of a problem in my life

I accept consequences

I accept and need help