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2018 SAT Information for Juniors

This is the letter being given to your Junior student to remind them of the SAT test. More specific information regarding start times will be provided before spring break. Please ensure your student arrives well before the start time for the test on April 10, and that he/she feels prepared for this important test.


March 2018

Dear District 186 Families,

We would like to take this opportunity to share information about upcoming SAT and PSAT testing, which will be held Tuesday, April 10th during the school day.

Last school year the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) made the decision to change from administering the ACT to the SAT during the school day. The School Day SAT, a no-cost college entrance exam given to 11th graders, provides a reportable score for college admissions purposes.

In addition to the School Day SAT, this year students will also take the School Day PSAT, which is a preliminary test that students take to prepare them for the SAT.  Both the SAT and PSAT exams align with the Illinois Learning Standards, which we use to guide our instruction in all of our schools. Both the SAT and PSAT are paper/pencil assessments of students' learning in reading, math, language, and writing. The SAT also includes an essay component.

The exam times for the SAT and PSAT are as follows:

  • 11th grade – 4 hours, 50 minutes (includes two breaks – 10 and 5 minutes each)

  • 10th grade – 2 hours, 55 minutes (includes two 5 minute breaks)

  • 9th grade – 2 hours, 35 minutes (includes two 5 minute breaks)

Students will have breakfast before testing and a snack during at least one of their breaks. Lunch will be served after testing is completed, and students will resume the school day.

The SAT and PSAT exams provide educators and families with information on students' readiness to be successful in college and their careers. All high schools designed and implemented plans to support our students with preparing for success on these exams. Part of this preparation included taking a practice test as well as engaging in additional practice using the FREE Official SAT and PSAT practice resources at https://www.khanacademy.org/.

Please feel free to contact us at 217-525-3011 or your child’s school with any questions or concerns. Thank you for your continued support and commitment to your child’s academic success in high school and beyond.              



Teaching and Learning Department

Springfield Public Schools






2017/18 School Year

Hello 2018!

The new semester brings us another resource to use in our teaching and learning toolbox.  The school district has contracted with Pearson Education Services to use courses in their Connexus Gradpoint program. This program offers many more electives than the A+ program, so we're excited to start enrolling students in them. There are other student-centered options available also, such as text-to-speech in lessons. 

New Students: If you have been referred to the OnlineLEC program and have not yet registered, please contact the office at Lawrence Education Center at 525-3233 to find out when registration is held. A short orientation is also included with registration in my classroom, so after school hours are best for that.

 The focus this year is not only on completing courses for graduation, but preparing students for college/tech school or the world of work. Friday mornings we hold a group session called "Careers" where we discuss topics around the world of work, with emphasis on narrowing down career choices that match each person's personality. These group discussions are an opportunity to not only work in teams, but to work on soft skills while learning about life beyond high school. Participation is required in order to obtain class credit.

For the past couple weeks, we have been using workbooks provided by CEFCU to discuss credit and checking accounts.  Students were given a check register, mock checks and deposit tickets.  With the scenarios provided, they were to correctly write checks and show the required information on their check registers. They worked on teamwork, math, reasoning, and following directions in these activities.

Workshops and meetings are held periodically throughout the school year. The Elizabeth Ann Seaton program, as well as Parents as Teachers, provide pregnant or parenting students with support and resources. Speakers are invited to the building to share career information. At various times throughout the year we are visited by representatives from post-secondary and vocational institutions, such as Lincoln Land Community College, Midwest Tech, Ohio Tech, Robert Morris College. Students are strongly encouraged to talk with the representatives to gain more knowledge about their course offerings for their Beyond Graduation Life. We are looking forward to another successful, rewarding school year!

Hey Students—Lincoln Library is providing free ecards for students. You can access books, music, movies and videos, Rosetta Stone, TV shows, archived newspapers, as well as reference documents.  Go to the Library's website: lincolnlibrary.info and add your student ID (not your lunch pin) to the end of this number: 3260000. You will be amazed at all the library has to offer, so take advantage of this site.

New Semester--New Year! 2017/2018

With the start of a new year, the OnlineLEC program will focus on being prepared. We will emphasize preparing for: . the SAT . work . college . life Looking forward to all this new year offers us!


onlineLEC is Springfield Public School District 186's latest program to serve the educational needs of the non-traditional student. The program offers:

  • Small class size
  • Opportunity to recover credits
  • Full range of high school credit classes
  • Ability for students to focus on tasks and not on the progress of classmates
  • Immediate feedback on progress
  • Comfortable, accessible facility
  • Flexible scheduling for ensuring credit attainment.

The onlineLEC program uses the A+Learning System with study guides, practice and mastery tests to teach concepts and skills.

Students in the online program are provided with options. We individualize learning for students and find ways to make them successful.

Invest in your future and begin coursework at onlineLEC as soon as possible! Contact your home school academic dean for referral process.

Next Steps--Beyond High School

Students are encouraged to visit the following websites to gain more information on life beyond high school. To obtain log-in information for Career Cruising, see Mrs. Reed.