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Sandburg PTC Minutes -- April 6, 2017

May 4, 2017

SANDBURG PTC MINUTES April 6, 2017           

The meeting was called to order at: 7:01 pm.  Next Meeting:  May 4, 2017


MEMBERS PRESENT: Erin Nolte, Amy Miller, Shellie Sylvia, Daniel Shelton, Pat Caley, Alison Stachera, Eric Stachera, Steve Miller, Colleen Houston, Jen Power, Heather Comstock, Rob Deaton, Matt Nolte, Christina Godsil, and Keith Kincaid


ATTENDANCE:  Handy 1, Jugan 1, Deaton 2, Godefroid 1, Jackson 1, Guikema 1, Comstock 1, Durbin 1, and Schweska 1


PRESIDENT’S REPORT (Amy Miller): Chick-fil-A Spirit Night brought in $384.00.  Mrs. Wells’s class won the nugget party.  There is one more spirit night left this year.  It is scheduled for May 11th


SECRETARY’S REPORT (Erin Nolte for Bess Johnson):  Minutes from the March 2, 2017 meeting were distributed and reviewed.  Alison Stachera stated that under the Chili Supper report, the minutes should say that “Alison suggested that in the popcorn room, one ticket be used for each item (one for popcorn and one for soda).”  Alison made a motion to approve the minutes with the correction; seconded by Pat Caley. 


TREASURER’S REPORT (Daniel Shelton):  The current treasurer’s report dated April 5, 2017 had an opening balance of $19,386.29.  The total income was $343.00. The total expenses were $5,467.32. The ending balance was $14,261.97.  Outstanding items include some mini grants, our upcoming chicken dinner, and teacher appreciation week.  Projectors were purchased and placed under the literacy line item.  After a discussion, the PTC agreed that it should not be placed under literacy but under technology.  Mr. Kincaid stated that Mr. Jugan’s projector would be the next projector that will need to be replaced.  Amy said that the budget committee will look at this item.  Daniel asked Keith if any facility improvements would be needed next year and Keith said no.   After a discussion, Daniel agreed to move the summer reading line item under literacy.  Shellie Sylvia made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report.  Eric Stachera seconded the motion, the motion carried.



  1. Social Media

    1. Instagram:  Now has 387 followers

    2. Remind

    3. Sandburg Website

  2. PBIS-There has been a spike in referrals.  The PBIS team was concerned but knows why they spiked.  Weather, spring break, and busses may be factors. 

  3. PARCC- Grades 3-5 have completed the PARCC test.  Mr. Kincaid said that we should be so proud of our kids. 

  4. Upcoming Events

    1. Family Science Night (April 19th 6pm)

    2. Kindergarten Preview Night (April 20th 6pm)

    3. Shake Your Tailfeather Chicken Dinner (April 27th 4:30-6:30pm)

    4. Good Citizen Cherry Berry Field Trip (May 9th-11th)

      1. Tuesday May 9th

        1. Godefroid 1pm

        2. Daugherty 1:15 pm

        3. Jackson 1:30 pm

        4. Comstock 1:45 pm

        5. Handy 2 pm



  1. Wednesday May 10th

    1. Schweska 1pm

    2. Wells 1:15 pm

  2. Thursday May 11th

    1. Martin 1pm

    2. Durbin 1:10 pm

    3. Guikema 1:15 pm

    4. Burke 1:30 pm

    5. Deaton 1:45 pm

    6. Jugan 2pm

  3. Family Picnic (May 12th)

  4. Grades 3-5 Awards (May 19th 9:30 am) and Grades 1-2 Awards (May 19th 11:15 am)

  5. Good Citizen Track and Field (May 19th 1:30 pm)

  6. Kindergarten Awards (May 25th 9:30 am)

  7. Good Citizen Kickball Carnival and Last Day of School (May 26th)

  8. Next Year’s District Calendar- The 2017-2018 district calendar has been released.  Mr. Kincaid included it on the back of his agenda tonight. 

  9. Poetry Café (April 28th).  This will be held in the library.  The students will send an invite home to their parents.  Volunteers are needed to serve the students snacks and drinks like wait staff in a café. 

  1. New Reading Program-We currently have a writing program in the same series.  Steve Miller said they adopted it at Graham.  Steve mentioned that the more you look into it, the more it overlaps with the writing curriculum.  He said it should be new but familiar since we already have the writing curriculum. 

  2. Library-Mrs. Galleki has been gone for a month taking care of her mother who is ill.  Volunteers have been filling in.  The PTC discussed doing something for her.  They will make a decision on what to do after the budget has been discussed and voted on. 


SPECIAL GUESTS- (3rd Grade Teachers-Heather Comstock and Rob Deaton)-Mr. Kincaid introduced them and thanked them for being here.  Alison Stachera thanked them for helping with the transition from second to third grade (“from a little kid to a big kid.”)  Mr. Kincaid and Mr. Deaton both agreed that “3rd grade is rough.”  Deaton discussed their “circle time.” Each class has a time that allows the kids a chance to share with the class.  In Mr. Deaton’s class they are given the stress ball to talk, they can bring in a book, and share stories about their life with the class.  Amy asked Mr. Deaton if there is anything that the PTC can do for them, Deaton responded “no,” but did thank the PTC.  Amy and Mr. Deaton mentioned that 3rd grade uses twitter and runs live on their website.  You are able to see photos and videos throughout the day


CHICKEN DINNER (Steve Miller): As of today, 190 tickets have been sold.  This number is lower than anticipated.  Last year we ordered 300 and increased that order to 350.  This year we ordered 350 and thought it would be increased to 400.  Steve said that we needed a minimum of 201.  Steve thought we should drop the number to 250.  Amy thought that the timing of spring break and selling the tickets in advance could have affected the numbers.  Alison reminded Amy that the chicken dinner and the notice for Chick-fil-A Night went out at the same time.  Steve suggested that Keith do a call for tickets.  They need to be turned in by the Friday after Spring Break.  Amy and Erin will sell the tickets at Family Science Night and Kindergarten Preview Night.  Steve asked for volunteers to help set up, serve, and clean up.  Amy will post something on the Sandburg PTC Facebook page.  Mr. Jugan will DJ the event.


TEACHER APPRECIATION (Amy Miler): Teacher Appreciation Week is the week of May 1st.  Amy will put together a committee of people who will meet to plan this week.   There is a $300 budget. 


ELECTIONS (Amy Miller): Amy asked the PTC if anyone is interested in running for a position.  Amy proceeded with nominations.  Erin Nolte nominated Amy Miller for President.  Alison Stachera nominated Erin Nolte for Vice President.  Christina Godsil nominated Daniel Shelton for Treasurer.  Amy Miller nominated Bess Johnson for Secretary.  Shellie Sylvia nominated Christina Godsil for Secretary.  Amy discussed Christina and Bess both filling the position and being Co-Secretaries.  Bess Johnson was not present at this meeting. 


NEW BUSINESS (Amy Miller):

  1. Budget Meeting-Tuesday April 18th at 6pm at Dublin Pub.  There will not be childcare.  We will meet, discuss the budget and come up with a draft.

  2. May PTC Meeting-fundraiser, elections, and vote on the budget

  3. Box Tops (Jen Power)-Shellie Sylvia agreed to take over Box Tops for next year. 

  4. Secretary’s Day (Administrative Assistant/Administrative Professional Day) April 26th.  Amy talked to the PTC about doing something for Mrs. Casper.  The PTC decided to allow Keith to purchase something on our behalf. 


Meeting adjourned at 8:25 pm. Alison Stachera moved that the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Christina Godsil.  The motion carried.