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Sandburg PTC Minutes -- September 7, 2017

October 2, 2017

SANDBURG PTC MINUTES September 7, 2017          

Called to order at:  7:00 PM    Next Meeting:  October 5, 2017


MEMBERS PRESENT: Pat Caley, Holly Davis, Christina Godsil, Sarah Goodman, Crystal Jeffries, Michael Jeffries, Bess Johnson, Amy Miller, Steve Miller, Richard Mills, Erin Nolte, Patty Patrick, Jen Power, Daniel Shelton, Ashley Rodrick, Alison Stachera, Eric Stachera, Shellie Sylvia, Temary Terrell, Dawn Victor, Joanna Webb-Gauvin, Emily Wellman

            ATTENDANCE:   Guikema 1, Martin 1, Jackson 2, Terrell 1, Burke 2, Jugan 1, Comstock 2, Deaton 3, Daugherty 4, Godefroid 1, Schweska 1, Wells 1     

REPORT FROM PRESIDENT (Amy Miller 2017-2018): 

Shellie Sylvia takes the place of Erin Nolte as VP of PTC.  Thanks to Erin for her service.  Thank you to Mrs. Boyd for the computer donation.

REPORT FROM TREASURER (Daniel Shelton 2017-2018):

Income from last year totaled $21,962.30 and our budget was $21,725.00. For the month of August, expenses totaled $4,225.00 which included stipends to classroom teachers, which was raised 25.00 more per teacher.  Income thus far is primarily from PTC Dues.

Joanna made a motion to approve the minutes and Holly seconded the motion.


  • New Staff: Terwanna Jones and Temary Terrell

  • Registration: Enrollment (276 down from 304 last year)

  • Family Engagement:

    • Meet Your Teacher Night

    • New Family Orientation

    • Bring Your Family To School Night

    • Barnes and Noble Summer Reader’s Event

    • Math Olympics

    • Family Reading Night, Thursday, September 28th at 6PM

    • Cherry Berry, September 14th, 4-8PM

  • Sandburg Shirts are coming

  • Thanks go Mrs. Boyd, Mrs. Deaton, and Mrs. Comstock for joining us.


  • Fall Fundraiser (Jamie/Amy)-  Order forms due on September 14th.  Pick up takes place on October 12.  Volunteers are needed.  Money will be collected upon delivery as in years past.  Money is due by October 19th.  Limo trip will take place in November.

  • Chili Supper (Amy)- February 24, 2018-Kitchen person and Dining Room person is still needed to take over. 

  • Cherry Berry Night (Amy)-September 14-Volunteers needed and sign up sheet was passed around.

  • Chick-Fil-A Night (Amy)-First night will take place October 19th.

NEW BUSINESS (Amy Miller): 

“Getting to know you” survey to teachers created by Amy.

Meeting adjourned @ 8:05 PM by Amy Miller.