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Sandburg PTC Minutes -- October 5, 2017

November 2, 2017


Called to order at: 7:00 PM NEXT MEETING November 2, 2017

MEMBERS PRESENT: Christina Godsil, Sarah Goodman, Crystal Jeffries, Michael Jeffries, Amy Miller, Steve Miller, Patty Patrick, Ashley Roderick, Daniel Shelton, Emily Shelton, Shellie Sylvia, Joanna Webb-Gauvin

ATTENDANCE: Martin 1, Burke 1, Jackson 2, Jones 1, Jugan 1, Terrell 2, Deaton 1, Daugherty 3, Wells 1

REPORT BY SECRETARY (Christina Godsil/Bess Johnson, 2017-2018): 

Minutes from the September 2017 were distributed and reviewed. 

Joanna made a motion to approve the minutes and Sarah seconded the motion.

REPORT FROM TREASURER (Daniel Shelton 2017-2018):

During the month of September we had a starting balance of $10,844.72 and an ending balance of $9,974.64. This included $1,148.85 of income and $2,018.63. The majority of the expenses included $399.31 for the summer reading program and $916 for classroom carpets. So far we've received 6.1% of our anticipated budget in income and spent 27.6% of our budgeted expenses.

Joanna made a motion to approve the minutes and Sarah seconded the motion.


  • Sandburg Pride Patrol was out surprising a Sandburg success.
  • ‘Watch Me Learn” family event is at school on Oct. 11.
  • We roasted over 280 s’mores at family reading night!
  • Cherry Berry night raised $159.14
  • Good citizen Ribbon ceremony will be Oct. 25th
  • Fall Fun Recess is at 1:15 on Oct. 26th
  • Also with recent events in schools please make sure your primary phone # is the one that is current with the office to make sure you get updates promptly.


  • EMILY SHELTON-Fall Fun Recess

Needs volunteers for popcorn help, candy separating and games.


If you would like reserved seats for the school musical, Jen could use your help with the book fair Nov 13-15 email jenandmatt1@sbcglobal.net.

  • AMY MILLER- Chick-fil-a spirit night

We need volunteers to help greet people at Chick-fil-a in case they forgot the Sandburg sheets (which they need for us to receive the proceeds).


  • Crystal and Michael Jeffries volunteered to help Erin in the dining room for the chili supper.
  • We are still looking for kitchen volunteers
  • Also we need volunteers to help with sorting the fall fundraiser order on Oct. 12th

Meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm by Daniel Shelton.  Seconded by Shellie Sylvia.