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Junior Checklist

The checklist below is a guide for a successful junior year of planning for *Life after Southeast.* _____ Attend *The Road to College* Parent/Student Workshop on TBD at 6:00pm in the Commons _____ Maintain your grades! Your junior year grades are the first grades colleges will see when you send them your transcript. _____ Attend the Capital Area College Fair October 3 at 12:30pm at the State Fairgrounds _____ Decide what factors are important to you in your college choices (size, location, cost, majors, etc.) _____ Visit college campuses and take advantage of the trips offered by the College Room _____ Explore college websites, and use the materials available in the College Room in order to familiarize yourself with your college options _____ Request information packets from colleges you are interested in, either online or by calling the Admissions Office _____ Meet with the college representatives who visit Southeast _____ Attend the *Money for College* Parent/Student Workshop TBD in the Commons _____ Prepare for the ACT/SAT through online prep resources (available in the College Room) _____ Take the SAT as part of the PSAE in April, and take it seriously! _____ Plan for an academically challenging senior year _____ Stop by the College Room and meet your Post-Secondary Coach and College Adviser! Have a great year and remember that your success during junior year has a huge impact on your success after high school!