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Eastside Chronicle May 2016 Online Content Published Today

May 25, 2016 In addition to the printed Graduation Issue, we have more online content here: http://www.sps186.org/schools/southeast/studentnews/?p=107375

November/December: Meninism

Dec 17, 2015 by Michael Hodo Staff Writer Men, do you feel oppressed? Do you feel like women are oppressing you? If you said yes and feel like there needs to be a change, then join Meninism and welcome to your new life of pointless arguments with Feminists who are going through the same pointless crusade you are. Let’s face it both sides are complete and utterly useless in today’s world because each side does nothing more than complain and argue on social media and blogs. READ MORE
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November/December Editorial: Check Out Something New

Dec 17, 2015 Squeak, thunk, swish, a whistles blows, familiar sounds to those who know basketball. Many people are excited for the upcoming basketball season, and with good reason. Basketball is fast-paced, physical and exciting. But most people forget there are other activities and events going on at Southeast. Wrestling, swimming, band, and show choir - these are just a few of the activities this winter season at Southeast. READ MORE

November/December Cover: Best-selling Author Visits Southeast

Dec 17, 2015 by Sydney Justus, Staff Writer & Jacob Wind, Layout & Design Drug addiction, domestic violence, mental illness, prostitution, suicide. This is not a lineup of topics for the latest talk show therapy or reality tv series, but rather the range of controversial topics that author Ellen Hopkins writes about in her popular young adult novels. READ MORE

October Editorial: Cell Phone Addiction

Dec 17, 2015 Are you addicted to your cell phone? Sure teenagers use their phones a lot, but is this really bad for you? What is the difference between acceptable use and addiction? Forty percent of the U.S. population is addicted to smartphones, according to addictiontips.net. Addiction is defined as needing to use your phone to the point where NOT having your phone causes stress or anxiety. Another sign of addiction is that cell phone use has interfered with jobs or relationships. READ MORE
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October Cover: Community-based Initiatives Extend Learning Beyond the Classroom

Dec 17, 2015 In an effort to extend student learning beyond the walls of the classroom, several community-based initiatives are underway at Southeast High School. Students, along with community members, will be able to take advantage of a Little Free Library and a fruit and vegetable garden. Both are located on the west side of the building near the Driver’s Ed mobile. READ MORE

September Editorial: Bullying Takes Toll on Student Education

Oct 2, 2015 Bullying against LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) students is a serious problem. According to The Illinois Safe Schools Alliance, 35% of Illinois students report that sexual orientation is the most common reason students are bullied or harassed. This bullying affects everyone; for every LGBT student who reports being bullied, four straight students ALSO report being bullied for being perceived as gay or lesbian. READ MORE

September Cover: Senator Durbin Visits Southeast

Oct 2, 2015 by Alec Loeffelholz Art Director Mr. Volpert’s advanced Government class hosted an impromptu visit from Senator Dick Durbin, the longest-serving elected senator in the U.S. Senate. Introduced as “the second most powerful democrat in power,” the senator came to Southeast to speak with a government class as a way to stay connected with the community. Senator Dick Durbin lives in Springfield, but works in Washington D.C., making the lengthy commute 50 times a year. READ MORE

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