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Committee Chairs

Please consider joining a committee to support the efforts at SHS. Your involvement is greatly appreciated. Below are the contact people who would welcome your assistance.

Committees and ObjectivesChairContactCommittee Members
After Prom: To provide a safe environment for attendees after the Junior and Senior Prom.Karen Frost, Kate Millimanktfrost3@comcast.net, katemilliman@hotmail.com

Gail Noll  gailnoll@yahoo.com

Gina Hopson Harris   g.hopson@comcast.net

Angela Harris   dahzz@att.net

Darryl Harris     dahazz@att.net

Karin Dhamrait   krakalla@aol.net

Laura Kruger   laura.kruger@me.com

Alumni AssociationSarah Graham, Todd Knox, Gail NollSsmgraham@att.net, hardknox1@mac.com, gailnoll@yahoo.com
Communications & Marketing: To maintain and increase Booster Club membership and to ensure and enhance a positive and informative communication between the Booster Board and members, sponsors, SHS students and staff, and the community.Suzanne Borland, Katie Grantsuz2829@gmail.com,  katie.gillen@gmail.com
Concessions: To provide a quality concession stand and generate revenues from sales.Ann Boucher, Jeff and Jayne Squibb,bushx32000@yahoo.com, squibber5@comcast.net

Kiran Dhamrait   krakalla@aol.net

Corporate Sponsors: To maintain and increase financial sponsorships from area businesses that will result in profitable revenues.Angela Harris & Tracey Tatedahzz@att.net, ttater44@sbcglobal.net

Dave Joens   monaanddave@msn.com

Darryl Harris   dahazz@att.net

Nicole Sommer  nzsommer@gmail.com

Dodgeball: A fun fall fundraiser where student teams compete and show their SHS spirit!Kama Dirks & Robby Martinkama.dirks@yahoo.com, robby@rrmnetworks.com

Kari Borders   kbowen@sps186.org

Mario Borders   mborders@sps186.org

Gina Hopson-Harris   g.hopson@comcast.net

Darryl Harris  dahazz@att.net

Josh Grant   grant.joshua@mhsil.com

Finance: To review requests and recommend annual budget expenditures to Booster Board for approval.Tom Flynntomflynn@comcast.net

Rene Brethorst   renebret19@gmail.com

Jessica Hoppe    jhop72@comcast.net

John Klint     jklint@americanmetalsupply.com

Suzanne Borland    suz2829@gmail.com

Dave Joens   monaanddave@msn.com        

Matt Lamsargis    matt@runningcenter.com

Todd Knox    hardknox1@mac.com

Karl Pound   karl.pound@gmail.com

Rick Tate    rtater44@yahoo.com

Membership: To maintain and increase Booster Club membership and to ensure and enhance a positive and informative communication between the Booster Board and members, sponsors, SHS students and staff, and the community.Jessica Hoppe, Judy Knox, Christy Poundjhop72@comcast.net, jpknox1@mac.com, christypound@gmail.com

John Klint    jklint@americanmetalsupply.com

Allison Klint  allisonklint@comcast.net

Jennie Nichelson   51395@nichelson.com

Kama Dirks   kama.dirks@yahoo.com

Meet and Eat at Open House: To foster communication, school spirit, and membership by holding an informal social event for Booster Club members and SHS staff.Kate Millimankatemilliman@hotmail.com

Gail Noll    gailnoll@yahoo.com

Gina Hopson Harris  g.hopson@comcast.net

Nominating: To foster a strong diversified board focused on continuity, fundraising ability and parents of students from most of the extra-curricular sports and clubs.Karl Poundkarl.pound@gmail.com

Suzanne Borland   suz2829@gmail.com

Dave Joens    monaanddave@msn.com

Red and Black Senator Gala: Through the use of sub-committees, organize an all adult dinner/auction fundraiser involving SHS staff, parents and alumni as well as community supporters of SHS.Ann Boucherbushx32000@yahoo.com

Nicole Sommers  nzsommer@gmail.com

Allison Klint  allisonklint@comcast.net

Jennie Nichelson  51395@nichelson.com

Kiran Dhamrait   krakalla@aol.net

Elizabeth Paton  ebpaton1@comcast.net

Spirit and Pride Merchandise: To provide the SHS students, parents, staff, alumni and public with clothing and other articles for purchase bearing the SHS logo, and generate revenues from the sales.Mario and Kari Borders, Bruce and Elizabeth Patonmborders@sps186.org. kbowen@sps186.org, apaton@gmail.com, ebpaton1@comcast.net

Kate Milliman    katemilliman@hotmail.com

Matt Lamsargis    matt@runningcenter.com

Josh Grant   grant.joshua@mhsil.com

April Troemper   agtroemper@yahoo.com

State Fair Parking: To coordinate and act as liaison with the parking contractor that handles parking at the Illinois State Fairgrounds during the Illinois State Fair. Springfield High School typically works 3-4 gates for one day of the Fair.Ann Boucher, Rick Tatebushx32000@yahoo.com, rtater44@yahoo.com
50/50 Raffle Sales: To provide a positive and fun activity during SHS programs that involves spectators & event sponsors, and generate revenues from sales.Jennie and Greg Nichelson51395@nichelson.com
Social CommitteeKama Dirks, Robby Martinkama.dirks@yahoo.com, robby@rrmnetworks.com

Jeannie Nichelson  51395@nichelson.com

Greg Nichelson  51395@nichelson.com