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German American Partnership Program

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Avanti's Fundraiser

Aug 27, 2019 Our German program is selling tickets for delicious gondola sandwiches ($7 each) and loaves of bread ($3 each) from Avanti's restaurant. If you would like to purchase tickets, please talk to a German student or see Herrn Koeppel in room 250. Sale begins on Tuesday, September 3 and ends on Tuesday, September 17. Delivery is Thursday, September 26 during both lunch shifts and after school until 4pm.


Apr 18, 2013 Under "Links", you can visit various websites related to our German-American Partnership Program with Gnadenthal-Gymnasium in Ingolstadt.

Discussion Forum

Apr 18, 2013 Please log in to our GAPP forum with your district username and password and participate in the discussions and planning of fundraisers,.

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