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Can I purchase my computer if I am retiring?

answer: only if it is your issued white macbook. Please bring to Stanton for processing and payment. Please call before stopping in to be sure staff is available to assist you.

Computers for assistants

Will the assistants/aides get new computers? Can they purchase the white ones for $125? It is not currently ‘checked out to her’, but it is the one that she has been using.

Only if the computers are assigned to employees in our Property Control will they be able to purchase their machine. If the tag number of the computer is not attached to an employee, then, no, they cannot purchase.

Why is the computer I’ve been using not ‘assigned’ to me? How do I get it assigned to me? Are only teachers getting the new computers?

Typically, assistants don't have computers assigned to them. It has been the rule that only certificated teachers, SSS certified staff, and administrators have district computers assigned to them that will be refreshed. If a computer is not assigned to an employee at this point, it is unlikely it will happen for the refresh.
Only those who currently have computers assigned to them are getting a refreshed machine.

Buying someone else's computer

Can teachers buy a machine that currently is assigned to someone else if that person doesn’t want to buy it?

Sorry, no, teachers are only allowed to purchase the machine assigned to them.


Are you expecting our personal insurance to cover this device? Who can provide this? Some of our staff has looked into this and has not been able to be coverage.

Yes, as in the past, teachers are highly encouraged to insure their computers that will be assigned to them. Most teachers take their computers home, therefore, there is high probability that any damage can occur at home, making teachers liable for any neglect and damage.

If your work computer cannot be insured through your homeowners policy, supplemental insurance can be purchased through the Worth Ave. Group (https://my.worthavegroup.com/186staff). You can choose the desired deductible. Insure the Macbook Air for $1,000. For Macbook Pros, check with the tech department to determine the replacement cost before insuring.

Personal email on new computers

Since no personal information should be on the new machines, will teachers be able to have more than one email address (gmail, etc.) in “Mail”?

Yes, teachers can have personal email accounts as part of their Mail setup.

Google Drive vs iCloud

Is Google Drive different than iCloud?
Yes. iCloud is an account that is tied strictly to the teacher with their own personal iTunes account.

Google Drive is a service/tool provided by our district to all employees and students. This is why our email and Google accounts all end in "sps186.org". Teachers can, however, have their own personal Google accounts if they choose. The storage/backup space is unlimited with the district Google account. With a personal Google account, space is limited, and personal payment is needed to increase the storage space.

How to access iCloud

We know how to access Google Drive, but how do we access iCloud?

You can access iCloud by going to https://www.icloud.com/ Once there, the user will be prompted to log in with their personal iTunes account info.