1:1 Device Grant

Use these requirements to plan ahead for the writing of your grant. The live grant will be released in the format of a Google Form when the grant window opens.

Applicant Information (readiness)
Score: 1-4
In this section, include educational, teaching, and professional development experiences that will be helpful for the evaluators to better understand your readiness to move to a 1:1 learning environment. Please include a link to your teacher webpage.
Technology Integration (quality over quantity)
Score: 1-4
In this section, describe how you are currently using technology for teaching and learning. Explain in detail, providing examples of how you utilize the SAMR Model in your classroom instruction. Your teacher webpage will be viewed and used as part of your score.
Need for 1:1 Learning Envrironment
Score: 1-4
In this section, describe the need for a 1:1 environment in your classroom and your rationale for implementing this environment.
Goals for Device
Score: 1-8
In this section, provide clear, organized, and specific short-term and long-term goals you want to accomplish with the implementation of a 1:1 environment. These goals should connect to the Illinois Learning Standards (CCSS) and the SAMR Model.
Score: 1-4
In this section A. Describe how you will continually assess the effectiveness of your 1:1 learning environment. B. Descibe how you will know this change in teaching and learning is increasing student achievement, and connect this to the Illinois Learning Standards and district initiatives. C. Describe how will you assess your own growth and connect this to the Danielson Framework for Teaching.
1:1 Device Grant Resources

Use these resources to prepare and write your 1:1 grant. ...

1:1 Device Grant Rubrichttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nsCHFC8qEKEGyHNkMrB5AanmuuQt4lMvFzgC9QAr3_s/edit
1:1 Grant Workshop Presentationhttps://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1yKwh5Y1BakKisA1akjTe6RdGNQVwzq1idK3coPSyNEY/edit#slide=id.g1da4395e6_043