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Video Conferencing

The video conferencing tool you choose to use can be a flexible decision based on the needs of the learners and the presenter. The important thing about video conferencing is that learners are engaged in relevant learning with experts and students from around the world. Use these resources to plan a video conferencing learning session for your students.

Video Conferencing Tips

1. Never used video conferencing for learning? Try video conferencing with another Springfield classroom to work out kinks that may occur.

2. During a Skype event, our students represent our district. Review proper audience etiquette with your students prior to the video conference.
a. Speak loudly and clearly
b. Slow down when speaking
c. Try not to talk over one another
d. Present good body language
e. Be polite and respectful

Video Conferencing Management
The Indispensable Guide to Using Skype in the Classroomhttp://blog.capterra.com/the-indispensable-guide-to-using-skype-in-the-classroom/
Mind Your Skype Manners - Tips for Better Skype Callshttps://pernillesripp.com/2015/12/05/mind-your-skype-manners-tips-for-better-skype-calls/
Mystery Skype
Mystery Skypehttps://education.microsoft.com/skype-in-the-classroom/mystery-skype
Skype Etiquette and Mystery Skypehttp://teacherhackett.edublogs.org/skype-etiquette-and-mystery-skype/
Skype Virtual Field Trips and Guest Speakers
Skype Virtual Field Tripshttps://education.microsoft.com/skype-in-the-classroom/virtual-field-trips
Skype Guest Speakershttps://education.microsoft.com/skype-in-the-classroom/find-guest-speakers
Skype an Author Networkhttp://skypeanauthor.wikifoundry.com
Google Hangout Resources
Google Hangouts Guide for Teachershttps://sites.google.com/a/lsr7.net/hangoutsforteachers/home
7 Ways to Use Google Hangouts in the Classroomhttp://www.weareteachers.com/7-ways-to-use-google-hangouts-in-the-classroom/
Google Community: Google Hangouts in Education (for Educators)https://plus.google.com/communities/109532576382533836103