1:1 Grant Info

2 days ago One to one grant information can be found on the Instructional Technology website. The grant applications have NOT been released yet. This information is only for your information as you think about planning for and writing a grant. Once funds are approved for the grant process we will announce the release of the applications along with due dates.

EPIC! Free Digital Books for Elementary Students

2 days ago Students learn to read by reading, lots and lots of reading! As students begin to devour books, we often find ourselves looking for more interesting text for them to read. EPIC! is one tool that can be used to add reading material to classrooms. Many of you have heard of EPIC!, but did you know that new features have been added to this resource? When educators set up their free accounts on the EPIC! website, they can now create individual student accounts. READ MORE

Copy a Folder in Google Drive

Oct 11, 2016 Looking for a way to copy a folder in Google Drive? Try a Chrome Web Store App called Copy Folder. This app allows you to make a copy of an existing folder and move the copy in your Drive. You can make a copy of any folder you have viewing or editing right to. Note: This can only be downloaded in the Chrome Browser.

Code Combat

Oct 9, 2016 Code Combat is a coding website for kids. It teaches the basics of coding in a gaming format and its free!

Apple CEO Talks About Classroom Technology Initiatives

Sep 15, 2016 Watch this Good Morning America video to see how teachers can revolutionize the way students learn.

Digital Text Resource for Primary Readers

Sep 14, 2016 Unite for Literacy is a free site that allows users to access primary level nonfiction text. It also works on iPads. Check out this great resource!

Create a Screencast of Your iPad Using QuickTime

Sep 14, 2016 A screencast is a video recording of a device screen. You can create screencasts of your MacBook screen or iPad screen. Screencasts are a useful way to create videos for flipped classroom settings or for "cloning the teacher". A screencast video can be posted on a teacher website and accessed by any student at anytime. A quick and easy way to screencast your iPad is to use Quicktime on your MacBook. Follow these directions.

New Feature on Email Makes Marking Up Images and PDFs a Breeze

Sep 1, 2016 A new feature in El Capitan allows users to mark-up an image or PDF in an email. It is an amazing addition to email! Check out this resource to learn more about the email mark-up tool.

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