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4 days ago Use this link link to access details on how to request iBooks for iPads. Take a minute to check out a sampling of free iBooks available on iTunes.

Technology Glossary

6 days ago Technology Glossary - This new feature to the Instructional Technology website is a resource for teachers and students. Definitions for basic terms can be found in the main feed. Grade level terms will be posted in blurbs to the left of the main feed. These terms are just suggestions. However, if technology is thoughtfully integrated into the classroom, these terms should be part of the common language.

Digital Learning Day 2016

Feb 10, 2016 Digital Learning Day occurs on February 17. This day was started in 2012 as a springboard for sharing and strengthening digital learning experiences. Participating in this event means that you register and share digital learning activities that will occur in your classroom that day. These types of activities can include: student created multimedia works, QR code activities, digital collaboration, coding experiences, the use of online formative assessment tools, etc. READ MORE

1:1 Grant Awardees

May 26, 2015 We had an overwhelming number of grant applicants this year. Of those applicants, we were able to fund 9 iPad grants and 3 Chromebook grants. Thank you to all who submitted a proposal. Congratulations to the following teachers who have been awarded 1:1 grants: Carolyn Korza - Iles Alicia Logsdon - Graham Jason Curry - Iles Lisa Boyd - Sandburg Holly Davis - Southern View Jeanne Edwards - SHS Lindsay Chaparro - GMS Amber House - WMS Krista Wilson - JMS Angie Nesbit - FMS Tracy... READ MORE

Free Books for the iPad

Jul 8, 2013 iBooks on the iPad support ePubs, PDFs, and the Multi-Touch book. Locating free books in the iTunes store is as easy as searching on your laptop or iPad for “Free Fiction” or “Free Books”. Project Gutenberg offers a collection of 42,000 books, and many of those titles are also available in the bookstore in iTunes. Current Nook or Kindle books in your account can be read on the iPad with the appropriate app. Both have a collection of free books. READ MORE

A Healthy iPad

Mar 14, 2013 A healthy iPad has at least 1 GB of available space and the current version of the iOS. Available space and version are checked in the “Settings” app. Open Settings and select General. The current iOS version for an iPad 2 or greater is 6.1.2. A District iPad is often connected to a sync station for curriculum apps and should be connected regularly to the sync station. The sync station creates a backup of your iPad and updates your District apps. READ MORE

Reducing File Size

Mar 13, 2013 FIle size is expressed in kilobytes (kB), megabytes (MB) or gigabytes(GB). A simple word processed file is about 40 kB, a single JPG image is often 2-10 MB, and a single DVD can hold 4 GB. Pages and Preview provide tools to reduce the size of a file. Files attached to an email message are best kept less than 3 MB. Attachments sent to alldistrict or a building reflector should be less than 1 MB. Pages provides a built-in file reduction tool. READ MORE

Google Translate and the District Information System

Feb 19, 2013 The District Information System, including students’ electronic cumulative folders, can now be easily read in any of the sixty-five languages that Google Translate supports. Students, parents, and teachers can select their preferred language in the Information System under the “Prefs” menu choice. After the translation option is enabled, a new language can be selected. All pages on the District Information System will be translated easily, but may take a moment to reload. READ MORE

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