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Are Your Computers Ready?

September 17, 2011

Is your MacBook ready for the new school year? First, verify the operating system. All laptops should be 10.6. Look under the Apple, “About this Mac”. If your laptop is only 10.5, call computer services 585-5802 for details on updating it. Computer desktops that are 10.5 can also be updated. Enter the information in the Tech Repair Log on the Intranet.

Part of a well working computer is the current version of Pages. If you’re not sure about your software review this handout.

It’s important to keep your laptop updated. Don’t update individual pieces of the software: from the Apple, select Software Update. District computers will not be updated to Lion 10.7 at this time.

A backup plan for your laptop is important if you have essential information. Time Machine (a backup application) is part of the operating system. Backup drives are available at Stanton (500 GB $100, 320 GB, $54).

Plan for insurance coverage on your laptop with your home owners insurance or by using Student Insurance Partners.