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Free Books for the iPad

July 8, 2013

iBooks on the iPad support ePubs, PDFs, and the Multi-Touch book. Locating free books in the iTunes store is as easy as searching on your laptop or iPad for “Free Fiction” or “Free Books”. Project Gutenberg offers a collection of 42,000 books, and many of those titles are also available in the bookstore in iTunes.

Current Nook or Kindle books in your account can be read on the iPad with the appropriate app. Both have a collection of free books. Bookbub is a website that informs users of free books. Join Bookbub and they’ll email you once a day with current deals.

Lincoln Library has access to ebooks, audiobooks and music through the iPad app, OverDrive. If you have a library card at Lincoln Library or another participating library explore this great resource.

As you add books, apps and other materials to your iPad be aware of the available space. The amount of memory available is listed in Settings, General, About. To review what’s using the memory look in Settings, General and Usage. The District has a course on the iPad in iTunes U that provides some basic and support information on your iPad.

What’s your favorite source for free or inexpensive electronic books?