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Aug. 17, 2011

August 17, 2011

Technology Services
❒ Call 585-5808 to make an appointment with a trainer to set up inservices for your staff.
❒ Make sure all teachers in your building can connect to the Internet and to the Intranet. Teachers should be able to see class lists and ready for attendance on the first day of school. If not, call 585-5808 to report what classroom(s) in your school cannot.

Technology Plan and Policies
❒ Good classroom management plans contain a technology component. Teachers need to remember they are in control and students should be interacting with technology to support the curriculum.
❒ Be sure Teachers review new Board Policy and Rules and Regs.
❒ Staff and students need to sign AUP.

Facilitators Meetings
❒ Sept. 7, Oct. 5, Nov. 2, Dec. 7, Jan. 11, Feb. 1, March 7, April 11, May 9
❒ Check the building facilitator list
❒ Please email building facilitator changes to Karen Thompson or call 585-5808 by 8/27/11.

Online Gradebook
❒ Contact Carrie Kincaid for 6-12
❒ Contact your building facilitator for K-5

Email and Communications
Eudora & Mailing List
❒ Building reflectors are now controlled by the school a staff member is assigned. How you join or unsubscribe from a DIstrict reflector has changed. The intranet now controls your access to a reflector.

To see your current list of Mailing Lists, Log-in to the intranet, select Preferences and Email Lists.

You can unsubscribe from there, or add a mailing list.

Your request for a new Mailing list will be processed on the server every evening.

Remember your new email address is

There's no reason to re-enter your email setup, but it is available if you want to share this email address. Remember to check your email signature and make sure the information is accurate for the new school year!

❒ Don't forget to check your signature!

School Webpages
❒ Check your teacher pages. Teachers are listed because they have intranet access to your building.
❒ Teachers control how their names are listed. They should also add a grade level.
❒ Be sure to enter the building's calendar dates in the calendar. In the elementary buildings secretaries also have access to add calendar dates. In all buildings just let us know who you'd like to add to the list to add dates. It's important that school dates get entered, so they'll appear on the district calendar. All district dates are added to each calendar automatically.
❒ Remind teachers - this is your professional website. All school related information only!

❒ Names have been changed to new buildings. If you are going to expand access to someone besides yourself, email Sue Ruff or call 3015, so additional accounts can be created.
❒ If you need a refresher course, contact Sue Ruff via email, or by phone 3015.

Ordering Hardware/Software and Peripherals
How to Order Technology FY 11-12
❒ Designate one person to be the contact, either principal or secretary.

Don't miss the IRC, a great resource for your teachers.

Progress and Report Card deadline dates can be downloaded from the District Information System.
All Administrator
Progress Report Cards and Report Card Distribution

There are additional documents on the Information System in the Download Document Section.