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eNewsletter Setup

The first step is to title the newsletter and add a banner and footer. The banner is 710 x 160 pixels.
The footer provides information on how often the newsletter is published and additional contact information.

eNewsletter Pages

eNewsletter Pages offer a complete toolset to create, publish and manage an eNewsletter. This includes building each issue, allowing Users to subscribe, allowing Site or Page Admins to add or remove subscribers and actually sending out the eNewsletter via email to all subscribers.

eNewsletters are HTML-based newsletters that contain a header, footer and two columns of content. They are displayed graphically in recipient’s email programs when applicable, and they fall back to a text-based eNewsletter. The title, header background and issue number are all customizable. Content can be created specifically for the eNewsletter, or content can be imported from where it already exists on the website. All published editions are visible on the eNewsletter Page, which makes this a great archive tool and an alternative to paper-based newsletters.