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Building a Webpage

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Club and Organization Pages

Club Pages can be created for a school. Let us know what you need! Contact your building Tech TIL, to request a club page on your school website.
Example of Lanphier club pages:

Web Address

For example at Lanphier, Spirit Club is

Add your web address to newsletters, your email signature, your forms and anything that you print and send home!

Modules that have been added. Activate the ones you want. You can add as many as you need, but it’s best to think about the broad categories you need and create a page for each of those.

Banner: You can add a graphic to the top of any page. Size is 960 pixels wide and 3 options for width.
Home:Add an introduction, you can also attach a graphic. It is important that this page has information! Don't add photo galleries here, place them on the photo page.
News:News articles are archived. The latest article is displayed and will also appear on the district and school webpage. Use this feature! Highlight an article from your newsletter, or write a weekly news article!
Calendar:Your data is easily added to the existing school and district calendar.
Contacts:This module is ready to be customized. Do you want photos here, or just a list of staff and contacts? Add a table or a person page.
Photos:As many galleries with photos as you want. The photo gallery will appear on the district and school webpage as well.

What else do you need? What do you do on a regular basis? Do you have a newsletter? A weekly reminder?